Mission & Promises

Our Mission:

Leadership Academy of Utah prepares self-directed students for meaningful lives as principled leaders by combining leadership education, the liberal arts, and innovative technology.

Promising Students. We believe all students have potential to change the world in significant ways. We’ve seen our graduates move through college, adult relationships, parenthood, and young professional life. They continually report that their Leadership Academy experience prepared them to navigate the real world, lead, and find a deep sense of meaning.

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Meaningful Lives. Everyone wants a meaningful life. Our curriculum exposes students to timeless ideas from the world’s greatest minds to help them learn how to think.

We offer leadership courses that help students learn how to manage their time, create personal mission statements, gain social and financial skills, develop deep and meaningful relationships, and prepare for college.

We also provide opportunities for great adventures that help students realize they can do hard things. Once they learn these skills and experience new adventures, they will see the world in a new light and be on the path to a life of meaning.

Principled Leaders. Principled leaders live by a set of foundational principles in both public and private life. These include making and keeping commitments, lifelong learning, and a deep respect for humanity. Principled leaders make important decisions based on principles, not whims, and are prepared to lead in business, government, religion, and social circles.

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How we guide students:

We strive to position our students for success. This means helping them develop confidence through participating in our challenging curriculum, gaining leadership skills, and experiencing soul-stretching adventures. Our mentors inspire and guide students and help unleash the awesome in each individual.

We teach students to live intentionally. We inspire them towards their ultimate potential. We help them claim their adventure in life and develop a healthy and positive perspective of themselves. We give them opportunities to serve those around them so that they’re prepared to serve the world.

How we support parents:

Parents, not schools, are ultimately responsible for their children’s education. We support parents. We provide families with education freedom and quality.

Our program’s flexibility allows parents to intentionally lead their families the best way they can. As our families’ strategic partner, we provide encouragement, ideas, and coaching for parents to help support their students.

We offer an intellectually stimulating and emotionally safe community of learning. This gives parents the support they need to raise their students in the best environment.

We don’t just encourage our students to be their best selves—we want our parents to grow and excel, too. We provide them with opportunities to make and keep commitments and support their families as they strive towards their own awesome potential.

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