Our Admin Team

The LAU Admin Team is comprised of qualified, committed individuals who believe in providing highly-motivated students in Utah with a classical education so they can become principled leaders. Their admin team is staffed with counselors and academic specialists equipped to take care of your family’s educational needs!

Peter Jensen, LAU Executive Director

As the Executive Director of LAU, Pete is an excellent fit to help your student learn how to become an extraordinary leader. Pete grew up as part of a large family in rural Utah. After spending two years in London, England as a young adult, he returned to Utah State University, where he received a degree in Political Science. He then received his commission as a Second Lieutenant in the USAF and spent six years on active duty. Once he returned, Pete ran a private school in Northern Utah for two years. He now works to help facilitate transformational learning experiences for students at Leadership Academy of Utah. He spends lots of time reading, studying, and being with his family.

Sharla Nelson, LAU Executive Assistant, LAU Communications Manager

It’s often easy to feel disconnected from your student’s education, but Sharla’s dedication to LAU’s students and families helps create a one-of-a-kind community. In her own words, she’s “passionate about helping students experience a unique and meaningful education.” Sharla received a degree in office administration, and she enjoys using it to help LAU students and families. In addition, she loves spending time with her family and can regularly be found serving her community, reading great literature, or continuing her education.

Shelly Jenkins, Director of Student Services (LAU), Registrar (WL)

Shelly’s passion for student success will quickly ease any overwhelm you may feel about your student’s education plan. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and is currently working towards a Master’s in Information Technology Management. Shelly currently lives in Northern Utah with her nine amazing children and can often be found gardening, rowing, or adventuring in the mountains.

Linda Hansen, Admin Services Director (LAU)

Having homeschooled her own children, Linda knows just how to create an exciting and educational environment for your student. She’s also had the opportunity to teach several homeschool groups. Linda currently lives in Cedar City, Utah, with her two children. She has a deep passion for classic books, antiques, and old-fashioned flowers.