About Us

Leadership Academy of Utah is an online charter school.

An innovative Way TO learn more effectively

Leadership Academy of Utah is an online charter school. It’s unlike any other school you’ve seen. We draw from various educational models to create a unique and powerful hybrid. We personalize learning as if we were homeschooling. We foster student independence and innovation like a private school. We support families with the funding and accountability of public schools.

In this unique model, we focus on liberal arts, leadership, and technology. This creates an engaging and challenging educational experience. Our students are encouraged by caring mentors to stretch to their full potential and meet high expectations. We help them develop the character and skills necessary to become principled and effective leaders.

With Leadership Academy of Utah, students living anywhere in the state can expand their learning beyond what is available from public, private, or home schools. We invite you to increase your potential through our proven, highly successful program

Classical, Liberal Arts Education for Aspiring Leaders

At Leadership Academy, education is rooted in our confidence that our students can become great leaders. Great leaders have a solid understanding of the great ideas and lessons from history. Our students learn these through classical education, by immersing themselves in the great minds and great works of humanity.

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Charter School

We provide students from 6th to 12th grades anywhere in Utah with Leadership Academy’s high-caliber education at no cost. Like public schools, charter schools are publicly funded and completely accountable to the public for how funds are used.

However, as a charter school we are also able to be more flexible, independent, and innovative.

Online School

Online education is the most effective method to deliver our personalized methodology to any student in Utah. Online education can often be sterile or impersonal. But our live, virtual classrooms create a learning environment that is as effective as a brick-and-mortar school setting.

Students meet in real-time and discuss via webcam. Online classes give students more flexibility and control and train them to work with technology. It also gives them the ability to meet with other students from virtually anywhere in the world.

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