Select Your Courses

Ready to sign up for classes?

This page is for parents of students who have already applied and been accepted to LAU. If you have not yet applied, follow the instructions on this page for new students or this page for returning students. Once your student has been accepted, you can select their courses.

Things to Know Before Selecting Courses

Students are required to take at least four classes for Middle School (minimum 2 Core classes) and five classes for High School (minimum 3 Core Classes) from LAU. Seniors on track for graduation who would like to take fewer than five classes should reach out to their school counselor to discuss options.

Course selection can include Independent Study, Funded Independent Course, Outdoor Adventures (OA), or online classes. 

Registration Timelines

Course registration for Fall and Winter semesters opens Monday of the first week of April for the upcoming school year. 

Students accepted to LAU must register for classes according to the deadlines outlined in the table below. 

Date Accepted to LAU Deadline to Register
During Open Enrollment (January) to the first day of Fall registration 14 days from open of Fall registration
First day of Fall registration to June 30 14 days from date of acceptance
July 1 to July 31 7 days from date of acceptance
August 1 or later 48 hours from date of acceptance

Students that are not registered within the required time frame will be at risk of losing their spot at LAU. Email reminders for class registration will be sent to students after they have been admitted to LAU.

Note on Course Selection

In order to qualify for an IEP or specialized instruction, a student must meet the qualifications in one of 13 disability categories.  In order to be eligible, the school team must demonstrate proof that the student has been instructed in the curriculum of the area of their difficulty (see the Utah core curriculum).  This is made more difficult when parents do not sign their student(s) up for a core subject. 

You can show instruction by being part of a class taught by an accredited teacher (or supervised by an accredited teacher) providing a student portfolio including samples of typical work, best work, and worst work.  It should also include at least some of the instruction that has been attempted to help remediate the student’s difficulties.  You can use an independent curriculum, and even create your own, but the school team would need to be able to see that that instruction includes core concepts.  Since this requires more notes than many parents are accustomed to, we have found it to be difficult to fulfill the requirements of the law when parents have not included core classes.  

Instruction needs to include more than reading instruction or basic math instruction and must cover at least to some extent the core curriculum. Please see the Utah Rules for Special Education, specifically II. I. 3 (1-3).  Parents can always request that their student be tested for eligibility for special education in writing, but the school may also determine whether testing is warranted based on the evidence that they have to suspect a disability.  

Please remember that we also have Independent Studies options that allow parents to have more freedom in choosing what their student is learning, but it requires documentation and we find that the documentation helps the school team to meet the requirements of the law in most cases.

Steps to Register

At LAU, parents get to choose the days/times of courses for which their children register. The course selection process is simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Review our recommended course paths for middle school or high school. Create a list of the courses your student needs to take in the Fall and Winter semesters.
  2. Consult the live course schedules for middle school or high school. Make a list of your preferred live class meeting times.
  3. Log into SIS.
  4. In SIS, under My Students > Registration, find the courses you need, select your preferred class meeting times, and complete the registration process. You can ignore the tuition prices unless you’re planning to self-pay for a course (e.g. those that LAU doesn’t pay for like summer classes).

You can view specific middle school and high school course descriptions on the Williamsburg Learning website.

Please email our academic counselor, Kate Chaney, if you have questions or need help creating your student’s perfect schedule.