Innovative Learning Centers

ILC 2021/22

LAU Innovative Learning Centers

The ILCs are celebrating their third year of operation and are excited to share how LAU is expanding the learning opportunities for our students! Families and students will have the opportunity to experience an expanded choice of classes from previous years. In conjunction with more educational choices, the classroom structure is streamlining the class work, expanding the hands-on labs, and implementing student-led socratic discussions. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in a study hour where they can complete class work or receive direct support from mentors and specialists with their courses. We are very excited to share more details and class selections with you. Please watch your emails for an introduction letter and class schedules. 

Please view our COVID-19 Contingency Plan for holding ILC classes during the 2020-2021 school year. We will continue to monitor state guidelines and update this plan accordingly.

High-quality, flexible in-person courses at a location near you.

In addition to our full range of online courses, LAU offers select in-person courses at Innovative Learning Centers (ILCs) throughout Northern Utah. Each ILC offers one full day per week of in-person courses in Leadership, STEM, and Electives. Students attend these classes in-person, then submit their assignments online. All ILC courses are taught by talented, passionate mentors who love helping students connect for transformational learning experiences.

Note: ILC participation requires that students enroll and participate in the full day of classes.

Click below to see full details for each ILC, including class days and which grades are offered at each location. We plan to add more ILC locations in future years.