Innovative Learning Centers

COVID-19 Guidelines Update

Our COVID-19 guidelines have now been updated for 2021-22! Please click here to view them.

High-quality, flexible in-person courses at a location near you.

What are Innovative Learning Centers?

In addition to our full range of online courses, LAU offers select in-person courses at Innovative Learning Centers (ILCs) throughout Northern Utah. ILCs offer one full day per week of in-person courses in STEM, leadership, and electives to supplement LAU’s online courses.

Click below to see full details for each ILC, including class days and which grades are offered at each location.

We’re Upgrading the ILC Experience for 2021-22

1. Flipping the Classroom at ILCs

In the flipped classroom model, students will learn about new topics via self-paced online lessons and assignments outside of the ILC classroom. Then, in class, students will participate in hands-on labs, Socratic discussions, and other activities designed to make the most of in-person learning. These transformational learning experiences will clarify and apply their new knowledge to the real world. 

2. Adding On-Site Transformational Learning Facilitators

Transformational Learning Facilitators are real-world experts in their fields who will be on hand to guide and direct transformational learning. Each ILC will have its own unique team of facilitators to ensure a consistent experience for students throughout the year. Facilitators will work directly under the guidance of two top-notch Williamsburg Learning mentors. 

3. Expert Mentors Across Locations

All ILC science and leadership courses will be mentored by the same two expert mentors across all locations. This will allow mentors to provide a consistent, top-quality learning experience across all ILCs. Depending on location, mentors will be on-site weekly or biweekly. Mentors will plan and direct all in-person learning experiences in coordination with Transformational Learning Facilitators.

4. Expanded ILC Elective Options

By hiring Transformational Learning Facilitators with a wide range of skills and experience, we’re able to offer an expanded list of electives. These include Drama & Improv, Entrepreneurship, and new Drawing and Electronics courses. Combined with our increased focus on dynamic, transformational learning experiences in the classroom, we believe these new electives will be even more fun and eye-opening for students.

5. Introducing a New Enrichment Period

To give students an extra chance to get in-person help from mentors with the topics they learn online, we’re adding a new Enrichment period at ILCs. During this time, students can have 1:1 time with a mentor or facilitator, discuss lessons learned from their experiences throughout the day, and take part in other fun projects. The timing of the Enrichment period will vary between ILCs.

6. Field Trips

School activities and field trips extend learning beyond the classroom. Two exciting field trips will be offered during the school year. In the fall, we will be offering a science-based field trip, led by our science mentor. The second field trip will be in the spring, and will be led by our leadership mentor. Students from each of the ILCs will have the opportunity to spend time together outside of the normal ILC setting, and will be exposed to different topics and learning experiences than those that may be found in the classroom

Policies & Guidelines

Note: ILC participation requires that students enroll and participate in the full day of classes. Flexibility is offered to older high school students who cannot fit the whole course load of ILC classes into their schedule.  Site coordinator approval is required for exceptions.

ILC students are expected to follow all safety guidelines as outlined in our ILC Guidelines Safe Schools Policy.

Please see your preferred ILC location page for additional site-specific guidelines.