Bountiful Innovative Learning Center

Christian Church at 150 N 400 E, Bountiful Utah, 84010

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Class day: Tuesday

Grades: 6-10


Courses Offered (Winter 2020)

All ILC classes are offered in-person

Grades 6/7 Core: STEM 6/7 D, Leadership 6/7 D

Grade 8 Core: STEM 8 B, Leadership 8 B

Grade 9 Core: Earth Science B, Personal Leadership B

Grade 10 Core: Biology B, Social Leadership B

Studio Art 2 (with Addie Holman)
Students in this class will take their artistic skills to the next level. This semester, they’ll study several famous artists and art styles and try their hands at new mediums. Projects will include watercolor and acrylic paints on canvas, mosaics, group projects, field trips, and even helping to paint a theater backdrop!

Film & Animation (with Addie Holman)
Have you ever wondered how cartoons are made? In this class, students will step into the world of animation. They’ll learn how to make their own cartoons, digital animations, stop-motion animations, claymations, and even comedy sketches! With plenty of hands-on projects, this class will be eye-opening and fun.


Adam Hailstone
HS Leadership Mentor

Adam is passionate about building a vibrant and expanding community to support your student in their adventure through online learning. In his words, “I love inspiring parents and students to get a great education and overcome the barriers in their way. My role directly aligns with my life’s mission, so it’s as much a calling as it is a career.” Adam joined Williamsburg in 2010 as a mentor, and has designed and taught much of The Williamsburg Curriculum. He has presented talks on alternative education throughout the U.S. and Canada and loves finding creative ways to expand and enhance the Williamsburg tribe.

Adam holds a B.A. in Liberal Arts from George Wythe University. He loves hiking, discussing great books, CrossFit, cinema, cooking, and, most of all, spending time with his wife, Laura, and their son Emmet.

Julia Dye
MS Leadership Mentor

Julia loves helping students develop the leadership skills to open new doors of opportunity and growth. In her own words, “The thing I love most about mentoring is the opportunity to connect one on one with youth—getting to know their quirks, their dreams, and their joys. It is incredible to witness their personal growth and development as they learn and experience new things.”

Over the past eight years, Julia has mentored thousands of youth at BSA camps, AFY camps, and in private classes. Julia completed a degree in Elementary Education from Brigham Young University and enjoys reading, hiking, camping, and canyoneering with her husband, Jordan.

Lauren Jones
Science/STEM Mentor

As you know, the energy and enthusiasm of a mentor set the tone for your student’s learning experience. You’re seeking mentors who will inspire your student—and Lauren fits that bill. She’s designed software to help hospitals analyze DNA, worked on a particle accelerator in California, and constantly uses scientific thinking in her everyday life. In her words, “I may be biased, but I think science and engineering are the most useful and most fun subjects to study!”

Lauren graduated from Harvard College with a degree in Physics and a minor in Neurobiology, and enjoys listening to audiobooks, taking walks, baking, and fixing things around the house.

Addie Holman
Electives Mentor

As a parent, you seek out mentors who will personalize the education experience for your student. Addie knows the importance of personalized learning. In her own words, “The thing I love most about being a mentor is actually getting to know students as the unique individuals they truly are and helping them grow. I love to see them push, improve, and work through obstacles.”

Creative from a young age, Addie studied at Salt Lake Community College and Adelaide College in Cambridge University, specializing in Musical Theater, Art History, and Vocal Training. She enjoys teaching vocal lessons, piano, art, watercolors, chalk pastels, film, choir, sketch comedy, STEM, and LEGO robotics.


Sheila Statter
Site Coordinator – 801-910-3215

As a parent, you want your student to have both strong academics and fun learning experiences with peers. As a Site Coordinator, Sheila seeks to combine both to create a vibrant learning community for homeschool families in your area. Sheila is here to answer your questions about the Bountiful ILC program and help make your experience awesome.

Sheila has been homeschooling her four children since 2013 and is a representative on the Davis County Homeschool Coalition. She graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a degree in Materials Science & Engineering.

Kara Kisby
Community Outreach – 317-645-7372

Kara knows the value of building a strong learning community to support your student. In her words, “I love learning alongside my children and other students, watching connections being made, and seeing minds and souls mature into competent and courageous humans! I enjoy bringing people together around a common cause. I like to organize, facilitate, and allow others to shine!” Kara is excited to put these skills to use at the Bountiful ILC.

Kara grew up in Indiana and currently lives in Northern Utah with her family. She has a degree in Biology and enjoys reading, hiking, dancing, and learning just about anything.