Logan Innovative Learning Center

We are currently planning to offer in-person courses at ILCs for the 2020-21 school year. For now, we encourage you to register at your nearest ILC and view our contingency plan for offering ILC classes online if social distancing is still in place this fall. We will update you as more information becomes available.

Stevens-Henager College – 755 S. Main Street, Logan, UT 84321

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Class day: Thursday

Grades: 6-10

Schedule (Classes meet on Thursdays)


Logan ILC Course schedule for 2020-2021

Courses Offered (Fall 2020)

All ILC classes are offered in-person. You can view specific middle school and high school course descriptions for “core” courses on the Williamsburg Learning website.

Grades 6/7 Core: STEM 6/7 A, Leadership 6/7 A

Grade 8 Core: STEM 8 A, Leadership 8 A

Grade 9 Core: Earth Science A, Personal Leadership A

Grade 10 Core: Biology A, Social Leadership A

Art & Tech Electives as follows: 

  • Middle School & High School – Fiber Arts (Fall)
    Mentor: Heidi Hillman
  • Using thread, yarn, and fabric as a medium, students will create a variety of projects like a hat, scarf, or stuffed animal. Students learn hand embroidery, knitting, and crochet. They will design their own embroidery projects from start to finish including drawing, stitching, and completing a project.  (This is a handwork class. Sewing machines will not be used.)
  • Middle School & High School – 3D Design and Modeling (Fall)
    Mentor: Sarah Lopez
  • This course introduces students to basic drafting and 3D modeling with Computer-Aided Design software. As students learn the basic tools of CAD, they will be challenged to imagine designs throughout the semester that are creative, innovative, functional, and unique. Students will learn to communicate their designs through both technical drawings and computer models. Then they will bring their designs to life through 3D printing.


Adam Hailstone
HS Leadership Mentor

Adam is passionate about building a vibrant and expanding community to support your student in their adventure through online learning. In his words, “I love inspiring parents and students to get a great education and overcome the barriers in their way. My role directly aligns with my life’s mission, so it’s as much a calling as it is a career.” Adam joined Williamsburg in 2010 as a mentor, and has designed and taught much of The Williamsburg Curriculum. He has presented talks on alternative education throughout the U.S. and Canada and loves finding creative ways to expand and enhance the Williamsburg tribe.

Adam holds a B.A. in Liberal Arts from George Wythe University. He loves hiking, discussing great books, CrossFit, cinema, cooking, and, most of all, spending time with his wife, Laura, and their son Emmet.

Pete Jensen
MS Leadership Mentor

As your student embarks on their educational journey, you want to know that they will be taught key leadership skills that will stay with them throughout their lives. That’s where Pete comes in. 

Pete has many years of experience and education, which have helped him become the leader he is today. Pete currently serves as a mentor and the Executive Director of LAU. He is passionate about working with students in addition to serving in the administration. Pete attended Utah State University and graduated with a degree in Political Science. After graduation, Pete received a commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Air Force and proceeded to spend six years on active duty. After leaving active duty, Pete ran a private school in Northern Utah for two years. In his free time, Pete enjoys reading, studying, and being with his family.

Dave Rees
Science/STEM Mentor

As you know, passionate and dedicated mentors can inspire students to learn more than they ever imagined. Dave is one of those mentors. He has tutored math and science for over six years and has been a student of science his entire life. In his words, “I love explosions, unpredictable chemical reactions, and figuring out why stuff does what it does. My greatest award in science was being voted “most likely to be a mad scientist” by my classmates at Carbon High.”

Dave is studying Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, with an emphasis in classical scientific thought at Southern Utah University. His background in computer technology helps him find fun and unique ways to make math and science come alive.

Heidi Hillman
Art Mentor

You want a mentor who enjoys teaching established concepts while also exploring new ones. When it comes to art, Heidi is that mentor. Heidi has taught in various homeschool co-ops and art workshops for youth and strives for continuous growth as an artist. As she says, “I set a goal years ago to create art every day and I haven’t missed a day in over 5 years. Painting, drawing, and creating with needle and thread makes me come alive. I love to change a blank page into something that has meaning to me.”

Heidi graduated from Utah State University with a degree in Ornamental Horticulture and enjoys traveling, reading, camping, hiking, and spending time with her family.

Jayson Davis
Tech Electives Mentor

As a parent, you seek out mentors for your student who are both knowledgeable and passionate. Jayson is that mentor. A graduate of Williamsburg Academy, Jayson is “thrilled by science and technology. I love sharing that passion with my students. It’s especially meaningful to me to be able to teach my passions to students currently attending the academic program I went through.”

Jayson lives in Provo, Utah and is studying Applied Physics and Astronomy at Brigham Young University. In his free time, Jayson enjoys spending time with family and friends, as well as rock climbing and building rockets.


Becky Matz
Site Coordinator – 828-305-1530

As you know, dedicated communities foster dedicated students—and every community needs a leader. That’s where Becky comes in. As a homeschooling mom of three kids, Becky has worked with youth in numerous settings, including camps, after-school programs, co-ops, and 4H. In her own words, “I hope I can help spark learning and discovery in youth and also help them recognize their strengths, gifts, and who they are so they can lead in their lives.” Becky is here to answer your questions about the Logan ILC program and help make your experience awesome.

Becky graduated with a degree in Recreation Management from Brigham Young University and enjoys spending time outdoors, cooking, gardening, and traveling.

Toni Nelson
Community Outreach – 435-232-1339

As a parent, you know it takes more than great mentors to elevate your student’s educational experience. This is where Toni comes in. Through community outreach, Toni seeks to share the Williamsburg Learning vision, serve homeschool families, and connect people within the Logan area. 

Toni graduated from Utah State University and enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, trail running, and hiking.