Ogden Innovative Learning Center

Please view our COVID-19 Contingency Plan for holding ILC classes during the 2020-2021 school year. We will continue to monitor state guidelines and update this plan accordingly.

Family Lyceum
5875 Adams Ave Parkway
South Ogden, UT 84405

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Class day: Tuesday

Grades: 6-11

Schedule (Classes meet on Tuesdays)


*Note: Students taking Ballroom Dance may choose whether they want to earn Art or PE credit.


Courses Offered (Fall 2020)

All ILC classes are offered in-person. You can view specific middle school and high school course descriptions for “core” courses on the Williamsburg Learning website.

Grades 6/7 Core: STEM 6/7 A, Leadership 6/7 A

Grade 8 Core: STEM 8 A, Leadership 8 A

Grade 9 Core: Earth Science A, Personal Leadership A

Grade 10 Core: Biology A, Social Leadership A

Grade 11 Core: Chemistry, College Leadership (Fall), Financial Leadership (Winter)

Art & Tech Elective options and descriptions are as follows:

  • Middle School – Outdoor Survival (Fall)
    Mentor: Julia Dye
  • In this course, survival skills are developed in three areas: Medical Survival, Outdoor Survival, and Mental and Emotional Survival. Students learn the basics of CPR, First Aid, emergency preparedness, safe outdoor recreation, how to build a shelter, start a fire, call for help, stress management, mindfulness, and suicide prevention. They practice new skills through hands-on exercises. By taking this course, your student will not only know the basics of how to survive their life, but how to thrive in the midst of uncertainty and challenge.
  • High School – Drawing (Fall)
    Mentor: Laura Balmaceda
  • Students will practice the fundamentals of visual art, including line, shape, value, composition, color theory, and design. Students will explore introductory art history and discover professional opportunities in the visual arts—from entertainment and gaming to publishing and graphic design. They will receive personalized mentor feedback to identify their artistic strengths and weaknesses. Each class will include a mix of focused practical lessons and personal projects.
  • Middle School & High School – Ballroom Dance (Fall & Winter)
    Mentor: Laura Balmaceda (HS) and Heather Cragun (MS)
  • Does your student want to dance? Students will learn the basics of Ballroom, Swing, and Latin dance. Along the way, they’ll hone their social skills, practice leadership and teamwork, and challenge their minds and bodies. Instructors introduce students to partner dance techniques including hold, frame, timing, musicality, connection, pattern, spacing, and direction. Each class includes practice time, social time, and performance sequences. 
  • Middle School & High School – 3D Design and Modeling (Fall)
    Mentor: Sarah Lopez
  • This course introduces students to basic drafting and 3D modeling with Computer-Aided Design software. As students learn the basic tools of CAD, they will be challenged to imagine designs throughout the semester that are creative, innovative, functional, and unique. Students will learn to communicate their designs through both technical drawings and computer models. Then they will bring their designs to life through 3D printing.
  • Middle School & High School – Hands-on Electronics (Fall)
    Mentor: Lauren Jones
  • Buckle up for an adventure—we’re going electric! In this hands-on course, students explore the circuits in everything around them. Students wire, solder, play, destroy, invent, and learn how a wide range of technologies work, both old and new.
  • High School – Painting (Winter)
    Mentor: Laura Balmaceda
  • The magic of color! Students will break out the paints and learn to experiment with a variety of paint materials: oils, watercolors, acrylics, and pastels. In their best impersonation of Claude Monet, students will learn how light interacts with color and try their brush at impressionism, Plein air, stylization, and realism. Class projects will include designing a character, a scene, and a narrative illustration. Come join us as we play with the paints!
  • Middle School & High School – Lego Robotics (Winter)
    Mentor: Sarah Lopez
  • Students will design, build, and program robots to accomplish various challenges. Along the way, students will learn about the engineering design process, robust design, troubleshooting, sensors and feedback loops, and systems design. At the end of the semester, students will compete with their robots on assigned challenges.
  • Middle School & High School – Kitchen Science (Winter)
    Mentor: Lauren Jones
  • Squish, splash, stir…errr, what is that smell? In this class we’ll explore new food and the science behind it every week. Bust out your aprons, roll up your sleeves, and get prepared to view your home science laboratory — we mean, kitchen — in a whole new way.
  • High School – Innovation Lab (Winter)
    Mentor: Lauren Jones
  • Have you ever wondered how billion-dollar companies like Instagram and Google brainstorm their big new ideas? Welcome to the concept of Design Thinking. In this class we’ll learn how to use Design Thinking to create, prototype, and test creative solutions to problems in our lives and our community, both big and small. Students will participate in hands-on engineering challenges, learn how to build a simple smartphone app, and maybe even change the world. They’ll never look at a problem the same way again!


Laura Balmaceda
HS Leadership 9 & 10, Ballroom Dancing/Art Mentor

Laura is passionate about helping students develop their creative side and explore their passions. She is also a passionate, life-long artist. In her own words, “When I am not on the dance floor, I work as a narrative illustrator, designer, and fine artist. I love to create images that are lyrical and filled with human emotion.”

Laura has over 20 years of experience teaching and performing as a professional ballroom dancer. She recently joined the Weber State University Adjunct faculty as a specialist in Latin and Ballroom partnership dancing and also serves as the Artistic Director and Dance Director/Head Coach for Davis County Ballroom. She has studied Art and Graphic Design at Weber State University, and Illustration at Utah State University.

Julia Dye Mentor

Julia Dye
MS Leadership, HS Leadership 11, & Outdoor Survival Mentor 

Julia loves helping students develop the leadership skills to open new doors of opportunity and growth. In her own words, “The thing I love most about mentoring is the opportunity to connect one on one with youth—getting to know their quirks, their dreams, and their joys. It is incredible to witness their personal growth and development as they learn and experience new things.”

Over the past eight years, Julia has mentored thousands of youth at BSA camps, AFY camps, and in private classes. Julia completed a degree in Elementary Education from Brigham Young University and enjoys reading, hiking, camping, and canyoneering with her husband, Jordan.

Dave Rees
Science/STEM Mentor

As you know, passionate and dedicated mentors can inspire students to learn more than they ever imagined. Dave is one of those mentors. He has tutored math and science for over six years and has been a student of science his entire life. In his words, “I love explosions, unpredictable chemical reactions, and figuring out why stuff does what it does. My greatest award in science was being voted “most likely to be a mad scientist” by my classmates at Carbon High.”

Dave is studying Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, with an emphasis in classical scientific thought at Southern Utah University. His background in computer technology helps him find fun and unique ways to make math and science come alive.

Lauren Jones STEM Mentor

Lauren Jones
Tech Electives and Science Mentor

You’re seeking mentors who will inspire your student—and Lauren fits that bill. She’s designed software to help hospitals analyze DNA, worked on a particle accelerator in California, and constantly uses scientific thinking in her everyday life. In her words, “I may be biased, but I think science and engineering are the most useful and most fun subjects to study!”

Lauren graduated from Harvard College with a degree in Physics and a minor in Neurobiology, and enjoys listening to audiobooks, taking walks, baking, and fixing things around the house.

Sarah Lopez ILC Mentor

Sarah Lopez
MS & HS Tech Electives Mentor

Sarah has always loved learning about math and engineering, but discovered early on that sharing this passion with students was even more exciting! She thrives on watching students make their own discoveries through curiosity and exploration and seeing them catch on to the excitement of learning. 

Sarah has been involved in robotics for most of her life, both as a student and mentor. She has been a teacher, tutor, and mentor in a variety of educational settings from middle school through college. She has degrees in Math Education, Computer Engineering, and Electrical Engineering from Oklahoma Christian University and Utah State University.

Sarah lives in Logan UT, with her husband and foster children.

Heather Cragun Art and PE Mentor

Heather Cragun
Art/PE Mentor

Heather loves teaching youth how to dance. She believes dance is an important way to help students build their enthusiasm for health and fitness. Heather has spent over fifteen years mentoring young dancers and is very excited to work with your student.

In her college years, Heather danced for BYU-Idaho’s Dance Alliance Ballroom Tour Team. Her love for dance eventually led her to own the Weber Ballroom, a social and competitive youth ballroom dance program in Weber County. Heather currently lives in a 145-year-old historical family farm home with her husband and four kids.


Renae Zentz
Site Coordinator – 801-920-7993

As a homeschool parent, you know the benefits of pursuing an alternative way to educate your kids. Renae understands these benefits firsthand. She graduated with a BA degree in Humanities from Brigham Young University and has been involved with numerous home-education programs ever since. Renae is here to answer your questions about the Odgen ILC program and help make your experience amazing.

Renae has mentored students of all ages—from preschoolers in her home to leadership students at George Wythe College, where she received an MA in Education. In 2014, Renae opened Family Lyceum, a private school to support families that educate from home. Renae resides in Riverdale, Utah and enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren.