Announcing the 2018 Williamsburg Adventures Scholarship

November 15, 2018

The Student Body Presidency is excited to announce the Williamsburg Adventures Scholarship 2018! This scholarship gives one student the chance to go on any Williamsburg Adventures trip of their choice.

From Guatemala and Europe to Nepal and Iceland, Williamsburg Adventures offers transformational trips that we want our classmates to enjoy. But in order for a student to receive the scholarship money, we first have to raise that money. That’s where you can help, by clicking on this link to purchase a sweatshirt. The proceeds will all go towards the scholarship! The application process will begin next semester, so make sure you’re keeping your eye out for that!

Purchasing these sweatshirts are not only a great way to support the cause, but also show school spirit, foster Burger culture, and, of course, obtain a sweet new sweatshirt.

We thank you for your support and for raising such amazing students who seek adventure and push their comfort zones, and we hope this scholarship will be a success and reward those students who are actively seeking growth.  


Savannah Lorcher SBP, Jacob McGuire SBVP, and Jedidiah Willis SBS