Introducing School Announcements

October 3, 2018

Dear Parents and Students,

We know you receive a lot of announcements from us about various things happening at LAU, including student events, new learning resources, technology tips, and parent-mentor conferences. We want to simplify the process of sharing this info to make it simple and easy for you.

With that goal in mind, we’ve created this new School Announcements page here on the LAU website. Moving forward, this will become your one-stop hub for all details and news about events, resources, and new initiatives at our school.

We’ll still continue to send you updates via email, but will aim for fewer emails overall (to help keep your inbox nice and tidy). Instead of sending you long emails with lots of details about a particular event or initiative, we’ll link to an Announcement like this one so you can easily access all of the info right here.

If you have any feedback about this new, streamlined process, please let us know by emailing our support team. We’re grateful to be part of your family’s educational team and look forward to continuing to serve you.

Best regards,

Pete A. Jensen

Executive Director, Leadership Academy of Utah