Join the LAU Board

July 8, 2020

Would you be willing to serve as a member of the board that shapes LAU’s future?

LAU is currently seeking new members for our Board of Directors. Serving on the Board of Directors will require approximately 4 hours of commitment per month including 1 board meeting, training, readings, and other board assignments.

We are looking for parents who are familiar with Williamsburg Learning, the Williamsburg Curriculum, and are committed to the school’s vision and mission.

We know no one cares more about the future of our school than invested parents like you—so if this opportunity feels right for you, we invite you to apply!


 Apply to Join the LAU Board


By serving on the board, you’ll impact the lives of hundreds of students like yours who choose LAU so they can become principled leaders who live meaningful lives. If you have additional questions about serving on the LAU Board, please reach out to our current LAU Board Chair, Busch Jones, at