LAU Computer Security Update

December 15, 2021

School devices are intended for educational use only. LAU takes internet safety and personal responsibility very seriously. As a help to our families we are putting the following safeguards in place:

  • All internet access will be disabled on LAU-issued devices from 12:00 AM MT until 5:00 AM MT.
  • Entertainment and gaming sites will be flagged and monitored.
  • All sites that fall into the shopping category will be blocked. (Any Amazon book orders must be placed on other devices.)
  • Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Windows Edge are the only allowed browsers on LAU-issued devices.
  • All school computers can be monitored at any time for any reason

We remind parents that no filtering system is perfect. We encourage all parents to provide additional internet security and student supervision.  Additional tools and resources for building a secure in-home internet experience for your student can be found in the LAU Student Handbook, the Laptop/Chromebook Handbook, or on our Technology Support page. 

The use of LAU-issued devices and equipment is a privilege, not a right. Inappropriate use of these resources may result in disciplinary action (including suspension or expulsion) and/or referral to legal authorities. The Director, a teacher or supervisor, or a systems administrator may limit, suspend, or revoke access to electronic devices at any time.

Please send ALL questions or requests for specific LAU computer help to