Weekly Parent Email – May 21, 2021

May 21, 2021

Thank you for another incredible school year! We want to congratulate each of our students for their hard work and dedication this year. And congratulations to the graduating class of 2021! I hope your summer is filled with memorable adventures. See you in the fall!



Pete Jensen

Executive Director, LAU


Action Items

Help more families find LAU! If you’ve had a great experience with our school this year and want to spread the word, please click here to leave a review for LAU on Niche.com.

Computer return is now available: Students with a damaged computer, not returning to LAU, or who do not want a computer over the summer are required to return them to LAU. Graduating seniors can purchase a blue laptop for $25. Shipping is an additional $20. Please sign up here if you have a computer to return. Please Note: If your student is now registering for the PG ILC through Canyon Grove Academy, you will need to return your LAU computer. Families must check out different devices from Canyon Grove Academy. If your student would like to keep their computer, please complete this form and submit a new photo of your student with their computer. 



New LAU summer events: LAU is hosting several summer activities for our students and their families! In addition to Lagoon Day, we’ll enjoy pool parties, waterslides, and Day at the Lake! Visit our list of Northern Utah Activities for details and to sign up.


Upcoming Events

Today: All assignments from self-paced classes are due by 5:00 PM MT

Today: All Finals are due by 5:00 PM MT

May 22: Lagoon Day Find more details and sign up on our list of Northern Utah Activities

May 24: Summer semester begins