Weekly Parent Email – September 16, 2022

September 16, 2022

I hope you enjoyed meeting with mentors this past week during Parent-Mentor Conferences, and that you feel engaged as part of the LAU team to support your student’s education. Our mentors are dedicated to helping your student succeed. We understand how important it is for students to have support as they learn to manage their time, tasks, and energy with an online curriculum. 

The Williamsburg Curriculum has a higher percentage of students who successfully finish their courses than any other online curriculum we’re aware of. We think this is primarily due to the kinds of students and families we attract, but it is also because we work hard to keep students and parents informed about student progress. 

You can find information about your student’s progress through the weekly reports sent out via Canvas. If your student has a course in the “Red Zone,” it indicates they may need more support from parents, mentors, or our Student Success Team (studentsupport@williamsburglearning.com).

Please reach out to us when you need greater support, and together we will find a way to differentiate instruction or implement a plan to help your child succeed. We look forward to hearing from you!

Warmest regards,

John Tripp 

Executive Director, LAU


Action Items

Join us for our webinar on the future of LAU! To help inspire your family for the year ahead, we’re hosting a webinar on Tuesday, September 20, at 7:00 PM MT. John Tripp, our new Executive Director, and Adam Hailstone will host the webinar to fill you in on our big-picture vision and goals for the future of Leadership Academy of Utah (LAU) and Williamsburg Learning. Click here to register!

Register your student for required state testing: If your student is in grades 6-11, please complete this 22-23 Assessments Survey to schedule your student’s assessment date and location, including the ACT. See the State Assessment Schedule for additional information on RISE, UTAP & ACT assessments. If you have additional questions, email melanie@lautah.org.

Review these helpful tips from your school counselors: Find scholarship opportunities, information on progress toward graduation, and mental health resources on the September Counseling Page.


Upcoming Events

September 20: LAU Vision Webinar – 7:00 PM MT

September 22: Thursday Night Live – 3:00 PM MT (Find details in Homeroom)

September 29: Special Online Activity – 3:00 PM MT (Find details in Homeroom)