Weekly Parent Email – September 2, 2022

September 6, 2022

At Leadership Academy of Utah, we want you to have as much information as possible to help your student succeed. That’s why I hope you’ll take advantage of Parent-Mentor Conferences, coming up the week of September 12-16. 

Starting today, you can request a personal update on your student’s progress directly from their mentor in one of two formats: an emailed Parent-Mentor Update (PMU) or a live online Parent-Mentor Conference (PMC). 

Both PMUs and PMCs will take place from September 12-16. Read below to learn more about each option and decide which one is right for you.

Parent-Mentor Update (PMU): If you’re happy with your student’s progress but still want a personal update from their mentor, request a PMU. The mentor will send you a detailed email describing how your student is doing and informing you of any concerns by September 16.

To request a PMU, contact your student’s mentor via SIS. In SIS, navigate to your child’s name, select the “Classes” tab, then click on the mentor’s name in the right-hand column.

Parent-Mentor Conference (PMC): If you have a specific concern or in-depth question regarding one of your student’s courses, sign up for a PMC. These are 10-15 minute online meetings with the course mentor to get personalized insights on your student’s performance. Please check your inbox for a link to the parent sign-up.

Our mentors look forward to meeting with you soon to ensure your student is inspired, challenged, and engaged! 

Warmest regards,

John Tripp 

Executive Director, LAU


Action Items

Returning books for dropped classes: Has your student dropped a class? If you have ordered books through Amazon that need to be returned, please see “Ordering Books via Amazon,” click “Returning Amazon Books,” and follow the video instructions.



Student clubs are available for sign-up! Students interested in joining a club must request to be added through the Student Clubs page in Homeroom. Parent permission is required. Click here to learn more about current student clubs.


Upcoming Events

September 2: North Shore LAU Luau in North Ogden – 6:30 PM MT-10:00 PM MT

September 5: Labor Day – No class, office is closed.

September 8: Thursday Night Live – 3:00 PM MT (Find details in Homeroom)

September 12-16: Parent Mentor Updates and Parent Mentor Conferences – We encourage you to sign up now! 

September 15: Inspiration Hour – 3:00 PM MT (Find details in Homeroom)