Weekly Parent Update – May 5, 2023

May 5, 2023

One of the beautiful things about a school community is that we come together and support each other in challenging times. We witnessed that last week from students and mentors after receiving the sad news of the passing of an outstanding Williamsburg Academy 8th-grade student Asher Wilcox. 

Initially, Ross Gilbert (Headmaster at Williamsburg Academy) relayed this news to his direct mentors and students with whom he shared a class, but he quickly found that his impact on people went far beyond that. His involvement in online chats and games meant that many students at all of our connected schools, Williamsburg Academy, Leadership Academy of Utah, and Williamsburg Academy of Colorado, were influenced by his life. 

If your student knew Asher, his family has provided a way for them to express their feelings and say goodbye by leaving his email open. You can send these messages to asherpants@worldsofmine.com. They have also organized a memorial for Asher on May 20, with information found at https://ashercon.worldsofmine.com.

We also understand that the passing of a loved friend and fellow student can be challenging for many. If your student needs extra help processing this, please feel free to reach out to our school counselors. Kate Chaney (kate@lautah.org) or Shauna Larson (shauna@lautah.org). They are licensed school counselors and can support students during this challenging time.

Thank you so much for all you and your students do to contribute to a strong culture of acceptance and love for those who go through hard things. This past week, Williamsburg has received many emails from parents sharing how much Asher’s passing has impacted their student and we want to do something to show that to Asher’s family. I hope this information will help you do so.


John Tripp

Executive Director, Leadership Academy of Utah


Action Items

End-of-Year Computer Returns: To manage and update our device inventory, we require certain laptops and Chromebooks be returned so we can remove them from circulation. Mandatory returns include exiting LAU students and computers or Chromebooks numbered below 560. If your student’s computer needs to be returned, please complete the Return/Exchange form and select your return method.

Keeping Laptop/Chromebook from One Year to the Next: Returning LAU students who keep their laptop/Chromebook from one school year to the next are required to complete the Laptop/Chromebook/Equipment Loan Agreement form as an annual renewal of their computer contract. Please complete this form if you plan to keep your student’s laptop/Chromebook over the summer.



Study Skills registration is now open in SIS! Starting this year, LAU is offering the Williamsburg Learning Study Skills course at no cost for our students. This one-week course is designed to help your student excel in their education, overcome procrastination, level up their reading and retention, and master time management! See here for all the details.

Join the LAU Board: We are currently accepting applications for new board members. If you are passionate about online/alternative education and want to extend the LAU experience to more students, please consider joining our governing team! Please fill out the Board of Directors Application to apply.

May LAU Counselor update: See here for the most current scholarship opportunities and other helpful college information for your student.


Upcoming Events

May 11: Hale Center Theatre “Hello Dolly”  (Salt Lake City, UT) – 1:00 PM-3:30 PM MT

May 16: All assignments from live classes are due before 9:00 PM MT

May 18: LAU Graduation (Lehi, UT) 6:00 PM-8:00 PM MT

May 19: All assignments and finals are due before 5:00 PM MT

May 19: Last Day of Winter Semester

May 23: Lagoon Day (Farmington, UT)

May 29 – June 2: Summit Leadership Adventure Session 1

June 5 – June 9: Summit Leadership Adventure Session 2

June 9: Final Winter Grades will be posted

June 12 – June 16: Summit Leadership Adventure Session 3

Please watch the LAU Weekly Update, LAU Activity page, and Homeroom for details and sign-ups as events get closer.