Board of Directors

In February 2015, five Utah parents who were looking for a better educational opportunity for their children teamed up to create a new public charter school. These parents found this educational model at Williamsburg Learning, an Educational Services Provider that was already powering a national private school and a public, online charter school in Nevada. When this group of parents joined forces with Williamsburg, Leadership Academy of Utah was born! LAU was approved by the UT State Board of Education on February 5, 2016, acting on the unanimous recommendation of the State Charter School Board in January.

Jana Stout, Chair

Every student deserves an educational environment that provides space for transformational learning. The engagement and connection that the Leadership Academy of Utah offers is unmatched and gives students a place to transform and explore their uncapped potential.

I am passionate about education and truly believe in LAU’s vision and mission. I have homeschooled and hybrid-schooled my four children for over 15 years, and it has been an integral part of our educational journey. I love being active, am constantly learning, and am always up for a good adventure. I am honored to be serving LAU’s students and families as the Board Chair.


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Molly Foster, Vice Chair

We are in a constant state of development and learning. Throughout our challenges, our roots often return us to our connection with those around us, and the most important thing I’ve learned is that we are all born to belong to each other. The Leadership Academy of Utah community is a perfect place for students to accelerate their most important, lifelong relationships.

I have served on testing boards in both Utah and Wyoming, owned a curriculum writing company, and directed several commonwealth schools. My most extraordinary adventures in life have been exploring central Utah with my family of eight.


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Joseph Neratko, Treasurer

Every child deserves the opportunity to learn what they need to succeed in life, but they also deserve to learn about what interests them and what they find exciting. I believe that LAU’s vision and mission to provide students with these opportunities is unlike any other I’ve encountered. They prioritize creating safe and encouraging environments for students to feel safe expressing their ideas and themselves openly. I’ve seen it firsthand with each of my children that attend. As a result, I joined the LAU Board of Directors to help ensure your student is continually provided with the best education possible.

I have always enjoyed working with youth, and I spend a lot of my spare time working to provide learning opportunities for them. I have worked as a coach for several years and enjoy helping students learn from both success and defeat. In addition, my wife and I are always spending time with our seven children, and we actively seek to teach them the leadership skills they need to succeed. I can often be found traveling, gardening, and cooking in my spare time.


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photo of board member Theodore Moon

Theodore Moon, Board Member

Education at its core is the growth and transformation of the student. Student achievement is reflected in the application of that transformative growth. Leadership Academy of Utah provides a unique opportunity for students to cultivate their studies into future leaders through intentional engagement and thoughtful communication that transcends the physical boundaries of traditional schooling. I am confident in LAU’s mission to create graduates with a lifelong love of learning, which I have witnessed in my own children who have attended LAU since 2019.

I completed my undergraduate studies and medical school at Boston University and my postgraduate training at LAC+USC Medical Center. In addition to my work as a pulmonologist/intensivist, I enjoy serving my community, especially its youth, through scouting and bereavement camps. I live in St. George, Utah, with my spouse and two children, and I also enjoy technology and the great outdoors.


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Emeritus Board Members

  • Catherine Scott
  • Holly Brinkle
  • Rick Westmoreland
  • Amy George
  • Natalie Boyack

Founding Board

  • Busch Jones, Chair
  • Suzanne Christensen, Vice Chair
  • Ben Lindsey, Treasurer
  • Annie Fisher, Secretary
  • Bryon Richardson
  • Dale Millsap
  • Valden Longhurst
  • Brian Langford