DSU Concurrent Enrollment

A new way to earn college credit while attending LAU.

LAU has a partnership with Dixie State University (DSU) that allows LAU students to access DSU’s online Concurrent Enrollment (CE) courses. By enrolling in these courses, high school students can earn college credits and fulfill LAU’s graduation requirements at the same time. In addition, LAU students living in Washington County have the option to attend in-person CE classes on the DSU campus in St. George. 

DSU’s Concurrent Enrollment courses are open to LAU students in grades 10-12. Special consideration will be made for certain 9th graders that have done exceptionally well in middle school.

Note: There are a limited number of seats available for CE students. Register early, if possible, and add your name to the waitlist if needed. 

Where Do I Start?


  • Fulfill all DSU prerequisites and CE eligibility requirements as outlined on this page
  • Take an Accuplacer Next-Generation test and/or Aleks math test (for MATH 1050 and above) or provide ACT scores if the course requires it. Check the “Prereq” column in the DSU online course list for details. 
  • Pay tuition and fees.

Select Courses in SIS

To enroll in a CE course and receive both high school and college credit, students must register for the desired course(s) with both LAU and DSU.

  • Log in to your SIS parent account, then use the Registration tab under My Students to select their DSU courses.

Note: In SIS, you are only indicating interest in DSU courses. Additional steps are required to officially apply and register for concurrent enrollment. (See step 3 below.)

Apply to DSU

After you have selected your student’s preferred DSU courses in SIS, your student is ready to apply for concurrent enrollment at DSU.

New students are required to fill out the DSU Concurrent Enrollment application and pay a one-time $35 application fee online.

Once your student is accepted, they will receive an email from Dixie and be assigned an ID number, also known as a “D” number.

Note: DSU CE students must reapply to DSU each fall, however, they will not be required to pay the admission fee again.

Register for DSU Courses

Concurrent enrollment students do not register the same way traditional DSU college students do. Students should register for classes by contacting the DSU enrollment team directly by email at

Sheila Cannon – Sheila.Cannon@dixie.edu
Emma Lunceford – Emma.Lunceford@dixie.edu
Kevin Simmons –  Kevin.Simmons@dixie.edu

 or phone at 435-652-7739 to select courses.

  • If registering by email, DSU will reply via email if a seat is available, then register your student accordingly.
  • Log in to the DSU Main Campus link with D number to view course details. Anything labeled as section 40-49 is an online course.
  • Once registered, students can view their classes in their MyDixie account.

Begin Classes

Students begin classes through Canvas here on the first day of each semester. Students are required to purchase their own books or pay for an electronic copy as instructed on their syllabus. If applicable, the electronic cost is added to student tuition.

Things to Know

Available Courses & Fees

  • View a full list of DSU’s online CE courses along with estimated tuition and fees here.
  • Visit the DSU catalog to view detailed course descriptions.
  • Browse this list to see which LAU credits DSU Concurrent Enrollment courses will fulfill.

Note: LAU will not pay for texts or reimburse any CE-related costs. Tuition of $5 per credit hour per course and any fees are due prior to the start of classes. Fees can be paid online through your student’s MyDixie account.

DSU Concurrent Enrollment Calendar

Parents and Students are responsible for DSU registration and will need to keep track of registration dates. See details on the DSU Concurrent enrollment calendar.

The General Education Certificate from DSU is a total of 31 credits, entirely completing a student’s required General Education for an Associate’s Degree. The General Education Certificate will be recognized by all public universities in the state of Utah, and it will fulfill all general education requirements. Most of the general education credits you complete towards the General Education Certificate will be accepted by private universities in Utah as well.

Please see the DSU General Education Certificate page for all of the requirements.

We encourage students to contact their specific college of choice to confirm that these credits will transfer.

Utah System of Higher Education

DSU is part of the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE), so their credits are transferable to all colleges in that system. However, some USHE colleges have different rules for which credits apply toward their general education requirements. For planning purposes, you’ll want to check with the specific college your student plans on attending to see how these courses fulfill their general education requirements.

If your student plans on attending a university outside of the USHE, you’ll want to ensure the credits are transferable before taking a course through DSU.

Questions about Concurrent Enrollment?

Please contact our LAU School counselor, Kate Chaney, or one of the DSU Concurrent Enrollment specialists listed at the bottom of this page