Forms & Waivers

This page contains forms and waivers LAU families may need throughout the year. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us.

Is your student going to be absent due to a planned trip or adventure?

Please complete the Williamsburg Learning Absence Form if your student(s) plan to be absent for three or more consecutive days. Please submit at least 1 week (preferably 1 month) prior to a planned absence. We will notify all your students’ mentors of the upcoming absence.

Would you like to be reimbursed for LAU approved books and materials?

Submit the Book & Science Materials Reimbursement Form to request reimbursement for the purchase of required books or science materials. Please see the form for semester due dates.

Does your student attend public school in addition to LAU?

Please complete our Dual Enrollment Form for review by our enrollment team if your student(s) attend public school in addition to LAU.

Do you have a laptop/computer that needs to be returned or exchanged?

Please complete the Computer Return, Exchange or Incident Report Form within one week of the problem or exit from LAU.

Want to attend and participate in LAU activities?

All students (LAU and Non-LAU) who wish to attend LAU activities must submit the LAU Activity Waiver & Release Form each school year. Please see the form for details.

Need a copy of your student’s transcript?

Please submit the Transcript Request Form to request transcripts.

Do you wish to withdraw your student(s) from LAU?

If you would like to withdraw your student(s) from LAU, please complete the Leadership Academy of Utah Withdrawl Form. Please complete a form for each student who is withdrawing. We love our students and hope you never have to use this form!