High School Fall/Winter Schedule

Following is the online high school schedule of live classes for the Fall ’17 and Winter ’18 semesters. In addition to these live classes, we offer some self-paced courses, which are listed the table below.

Beginning Fall 2017, all Social Studies and Literature courses are offered in Classic and Honors versions. Students in Classic and Honors courses meet in the same live class sessions, but Honors students complete roughly 30% more work. The only exception is “Writing and Rhetoric” in which students in Honors and Classic versions meet in separate class sessions. You will select either the Classic or Honors version when you enroll in SIS.


  • All courses are 50 minutes long
  • *Fridays are for individual study and mentor office hours, with the exception that live language workshops are held monthly on Fridays, usually on the second Friday of the month. Students should plan on studying several hours most Fridays
  • Course mentors and class times are subject to change, depending on enrollment
  • Classes include an “A” semester offered in Fall, and a “B” semester offered in Winter, unless specifically designated otherwise as follows: (F) = Class held Fall Semester only; (W) = Class held Winter Semester only
  • Leadership Academy of Utah follows Daylight Savings Time.
  • All Social Studies and Literature courses, as well as Personal and Social Leadership, are available in our new and improved self-paced format. See table below.
Self-Paced Courses  
Earth Science AAmerican Lit AShort Stories
Earth Science BAmerican Lit BFashion & Interior Design
Biology AWorld Lit AIntroduction to Culinary Arts
Biology BWorld Lit BEntrepreneurship: Starting Your Business
Chemistry AGovernment & Economics AWordPress: Build Your Own Online Portfolio
Chemistry BGovernment & Economics BPython Programming I
Pre-Algebra AU.S. History APython Programming II
Pre-Algebra BU.S. History BPython Programming III
Algebra 1ASecond LanguageWeb Development I
Algebra 1BGuitar RevolutionWeb Development II
Algebra 2ABeauty of MusicAdobe Photoshop
Algebra 2BMind & Body Stewardship (Health)Physics A
Geometry AFitness for LifePhysics B
Geometry BConcepts of Engineering/TechnologyComputer Technology
Pre-Calcuclus AMarine Science
Pre-Calculus BInternational Business
Political LiteratureLaw & Order
HS Math 2AHS Math 2B


Independent Courses 
Independent Algebra 1AIndependent HS Math 2B
Independent Algebra 1BIndependent Pre-Calculus A
Independent Algebra 2AIndependent Pre-Calculus B
Independent Algebra 2BIndependent Studies, Elective
Independent Geometry AIndependent Studies, Fine Arts
Independent Geometry BIndependent Studies, PE
Independent Pre-Algebra A
Independent Pre-Algebra B
Independent HS Math 2A