High School Fall/Winter Schedule

Following is the schedule of all high school courses for the Fall ’20 and Winter ’21 semesters. In addition to our in-person and live online classes, we offer some self-paced courses, which are listed in the table below. Course listings are also available in SIS under Registration. High school students may take up to 7 classes per semester. Block classes count as 2 each.

In-Person Courses

LAU offers in-person courses through Innovative Learning Centers across Utah. (You can learn all the details about ILCs on this page.) The schedule for in-person courses at each ILC is as follows:

Live Online Courses

Note: Live Social Studies, Literature, and Writing & Rhetoric courses are offered in Classic and Honors versions. Self-paced courses are only available in the Classic format. Students in Classic and Honors courses meet in the same live class sessions but Honors students complete roughly 30% more work. You can select either the Classic or Honors version when you enroll in SIS.





Additional Notes for Live Online Courses

  • All courses are 50 minutes long
  • Fridays are for individual study and mentor office hours. Students should plan on studying for several hours most Fridays
  • Course mentors and class times are subject to change, depending on enrollment
  • Classes include an “A” semester offered in Fall, and a “B” semester offered in Winter, unless specifically designated otherwise as follows: (F) = Class held Fall Semester only; (W) = Class held Winter Semester only
  • Leadership Academy of Utah follows Daylight Savings Time.
  • All Social Studies and Literature courses, as well as Personal and Social Leadership, are available in our new and improved self-paced format. See table below.
  • High school students may take up to 7 classes per semester. Block classes count as 2 each.

Self-Paced & Independent Courses

Self-Paced Courses  
Earth Science AAmerican Lit AShort Stories
Biology AWorld Lit AIntroduction to Culinary Arts
Biology BWorld Lit BEntrepreneurship: Starting Your Business
Earth Science BAmerican Lit BFashion & Interior Design
Chemistry AGovernment & Economics APhysics A
Chemistry BGovernment & Economics BPhysics B
Pre-Algebra AU.S. History AComputer Technology
Pre-Algebra BU.S. History B
Algebra 1ASecond Language
Algebra 1BGuitar Revolution
Algebra 2ABeauty of Music
Algebra 2BMind & Body Stewardship (Health)
Geometry AFitness for Life
Geometry BConcepts of Engineering/Technology
Pre-Calcuclus AMarine Science
Pre-Calculus BInternational Business
Political LiteratureLaw & Order
HS Math 2AHS Math 2B


Independent Courses 
Independent Algebra 1AIndependent HS Math 2B
Independent Algebra 1BIndependent Pre-Calculus A
Independent Algebra 2AIndependent Pre-Calculus B
Independent Algebra 2BIndependent Studies, Elective
Independent Geometry AIndependent Studies, Fine Arts
Independent Geometry BIndependent Studies, PE
Independent Pre-Algebra A
Independent Pre-Algebra B
Independent HS Math 2A