High School Curriculum

Learning Methods

At Leadership Academy we use the Williamsburg Curriculum, a rigorous award-winning curriculum with learning methods used by public and private schools throughout the country. We use the Williamsburg Curriculum and learning methods because it perfectly mirrors the commitments in our mission and methods, is specifically designed for online classrooms, and produces outstanding results.

By the time they graduate high school, students who experience our entire curriculum develop leadership, engage with some of the most profound ideas of history, and acquire the knowledge and abilities to do something great with their education.

Leadership Program

At the heart of the Williamsburg Curriculum is the leadership program. High school students at Leadership Academy spend at least three years participating in leadership courses. These include courses in personal and social leadership, as well as classes that focus more specifically on leadership habits for financial and collegiate pursuits. We believe that this focus on leadership is a necessary basis to help our students enjoy meaningful success in their other classes and throughout their lives. On the one hand it gives them the purpose and direction to face challenges and do what is right, and on the other hand it prepares them with the self-discipline and see their commitments through.

Other Programs

Along with the leadership program, other programs prepare Leadership Academy students with important knowledge and the ability to think critically. Each program includes a number of courses from which students choose according to their interests. While some courses are offered every year or semester, others are held according to demand and availability. These programs include:


Perhaps the most important aspect of the Williamsburg Curriculum is that all courses are led by a mentor. The quality of the material would be irrelevant without quality mentors. Our mentors do more than just teach. They go to the effort to get to know students so that they are in a position to inspire their students rather than merely set requirements and hope to motivate students by dispensing grades. Mentors are what makes the curriculum so rigorous. They really engage students with profound ideas and Socratic debate to help them develop their ability to reason and their own understanding. Mentors are open and adaptive to feedback from students, parents, and Leadership Academy administration which provides for constant improvement and refinement.