Fine Arts Program Overview

Our Approach

Creating is one of the noblest of human endeavors. As children, people of all cultures create works of imagination with whatever is at hand. From the rudimentary creations of childhood to the fine arts, people seem wired to add their unique gifts to our world.

Fine arts help us reveal our thoughts and perceptions in many media. They help us remember that life has meaning. Best of all, the arts point us toward the good, the true, and the beautiful. These are just two reasons why we help our students:

  • Learn about the world’s great works of music and art
  • Appreciate the skills and hard work required to create art
  • Discover that they can also create art

Creativity is becoming increasingly necessary in business as well. Where art feeds the mind and soul, science and technology supply almost any material need or want.

But what makes our ideas stand out? That is the question. “Design” is the answer. Ideas must be transformed into services and products. Services and products must meet the customer’s needs and expectations. Packaging must be obvious, compelling, and usable. Artistic skills in every field are needed now more than ever.

Some of our students will develop the skills to change the world through movies, painting, drawing, photography, music, and drama. Others, while not artists in a traditional sense, will be successful web designers, advertisers, graphic artists, engineers, and architects. All of them require practice in unleashing their creative powers. We provide that practice through our fine arts courses.

Independent Fine Arts Courses

Along with fine arts courses, we give students the opportunity to earn academic credit for extra-curricular art activities. These include dance, music, photography, theater, videography, visual art, voice, and more. Ask us about additional venues of art your student may be working in.

Fine Arts Courses at LAU

CoursesRecommended GradeCreditDelivery FormatPrerequisites
Guitar Revolution9-120.5Self-PacedNone
Beauty of Music9-120.5Live or Self-PacedNone
Independent Fine Arts9-120.5Independent StudiesNone