Leadership Program Overview

Our Approach

Many of our best leaders are not rich or famous. They are people who set goals and work toward them. Leaders do things like create businesses and jobs for other people. Leaders contribute to their communities and regions at every level. Some even rise to national leadership.

Such leaders act on principles. History shows that principled leaders create positive, resilient change. They move society forward more effectively than any other group. Conversely, unprincipled leaders damage society and move it backward, creating great harm along the way.

Each of our students have within them the seeds of principled leadership. In the right environment, with the right nourishment, these seeds will sprout and grow. We expect our students to become the leaders who will help make the world a better place.

Our leadership program is the soil in which our students are planted and nourished. In this environment, we teach three critical skills that all great leaders must master:

  1. How to make and keep commitments
  2. How to manage time, tasks, and energy
  3. How to start and nurture healthy relationships

These three skills are easy to state but hard to master. To help students master them, we created a series of eight semester-long leadership courses. These courses help prepare our students for college. They nurture student passion for learning. And they clarify what students must do to lead productive, meaningful lives.

Students must complete six of the eight courses to graduate.


Leadership Courses (High School)

CoursesRecommended GradeCreditDelivery FormatPrerequisites
Personal Leadership A90.5Live/*Self-PacedNone
Personal Leadership B90.5Live/**Self-PacedPersonal Leadership A
Social Leadership A100.5Live/Self-PacedNone
Social Leadership B100.5Live/Self-PacedSocial Leadership A
College Leadership110.5LiveNone
Financial Leadership110.5Live/Self-PacedNone
Student Body Leadership A10-120.5LiveA current student body leadership position
Student Body Leadership B10-120.5LiveA current student body leadership position
*Please note that the Self-Paced version of Personal Leadership A includes credit for Computer Tech.
**Please note that the Self-Paced version of Personal Leadership B includes credit for Fit for Life.