PE & Health Program Overview

Our Approach

We believe fitness is attainable and necessary, especially by those who aspire to leadership at home, in business, or in the communities of the future.

To help our students get fit and stay that way for life, we teach them the fundamental principles of fitness. We support their efforts through challenges, competitions, personal assessments, and individual and group accountability. Our courses help our students internalize the rhythms of fitness.  As they grow physically, they grow stronger, more confident, more grateful, and healthier.

Taking Physical Education (PE) and Health on line is like watching an exercise video. Instead of working out with the person on TV, however, our students work out with instructions we provide. They can work out at home or at a local gym or recreational center. They report their progress through our learning management system. Physical exercise is augmented by videos, assignments, and projects.


High School PE & Health

CoursesRecommended GradeCreditDelivery FormatPrerequisites
Fitness for Life9-120.5Self-PacedNone
Mind & Body Stewardship (Health)9-120.5Self-PacedNone
Independent PE9-120.5Self-PacedNone