Social Studies Program Overview

Our Approach

Our Social Studies program helps our students become “liberal artists.” Liberal arts encompass the skills that make us human—reading, writing, speaking, thinking, analyzing, and problem solving. We employ highly engaging assignments that help students become liberal artists by engaging in formal debates, doing simulations, creating diagrams and presentations, and participating in discussions of current world events.

Social Studies helps students understand the anatomy of human society—the meat and bones, so to speak– whereas Literature is the lifeblood. Thus, our Literature courses enrich our Social Studies courses. The works of humanity’s great thinkers, philosophers, historians, and political scientists teach us how to think about social constructs. Social studies courses help students practice being human while exploring humanity itself in those great works.

We recommend that students pair up Literature courses with Social Studies courses. For example, take American Literature with U.S. History, Political Literature and Short Stories with Government, and World Literature with World Civilizations.


High School Social Studies Courses

CoursesRecommended GradeCreditDelivery FormatPrerequisitesVersions
U.S. History A100.5Live/Self-PacedNoneClassic/Honors
U.S. History B100.5Live/Self-PacedU.S. History AClassic/Honors
Government & Economics A110.5Live/Self-PacedNoneClassic/Honors
Government & Economics B110.5Live/Self-PacedGovernment & Economics AClassic/Honors
World Civilizations120.5Live/Self-PacedNoneClassic/Honors
Geography & World Events120.5Live/Self-PacedWorld CivilizationsClassic/Honors