Learning Online at Leadership Academy

Advantages of Online Learning

Safety of Home and Freedom To Live Your Life

Unfortunately, many of your local public schools are full of negative influences. They’re full of distractions and social limitations that may inhibit your student’s attitude and positive growth.

Because our classes are online, your students get to learn from your home’s safety while interacting with students and mentors from around the country and world!

Our online program is designed to liberate your family to do more of what you want to do. Because of our online flexibility, families are able to go on adventures together, learn and grow together, and become who you want to be together.

Preparation for the 21st-Century Workplace

Our online program prepares students for college and careers. Since so many jobs today require advanced tech skills, our students have a particular advantage. They learn, collaborate, and connect with peers and mentors in an online environment.

Comfortability with tech skills is not only an advantage in the 21st Century—it’s a necessity! However, we recognize there are dangers online. We empower you with guidance and recommendations to help your children navigate their online learning space in a responsible way. We help students understand the dangers of harmful online content. We take measures to help them avoid it.

No Geographical Limits

Because we are an online program, we aren’t limited to a geographical area to find our talented mentors and staff. We have searched long and hard to find mentors from all over the United States and world who truly care about our students and are naturally gifted at teaching.

At our schools, we have created a “culture of belonging.” This means that students feel safe to be themselves, valued for who they are, and know they belong here. Each student brings something different to our culture. Our lack of geographical boundaries allows students to interact with peers they otherwise would have never met.

Through their live class interactions with peers and mentors, students have boundless opportunities to expand their perception of the world. They learn from and converse with others who have had different experiences, hold differing opinions, and live lives that vary from their own.


Our program offers a rare flexibility that allows our families to learn in any location, so long as you have an internet connection. Our students can participate in classes from home, while their family is traveling through Europe, while they’re at their grandparents’ for the week, and so on.

Our program’s flexibility encourages students to have enlightening, transformational experiences outside of the classroom. You will have the flexibility to work your student’s classes around your family’s schedule.



Think your family would love learning online? Check out our Right Fit Quiz and see if we’re a good fit for you!

Challenges of Online Learning

If you choose to enlist Leadership Academy as your family’s educational partner, your students will need to tackle two big challenges:

Challenge One

They need to learn how to learn online. Rather than driving to a physical classroom, they will log in to an online classroom where they will see and communicate with their mentors and peers in a Skype-type environment. They need high-speed Internet and access to a good computer. They need to learn new technology systems and how to solve technology glitches.

Most importantly, they need to be self-directed. Nobody at Leadership Academy is going to nag them or treat them like a little kid––they will need to learn responsibility and invest in their own education.

We believe this is a positive challenge because of the advantages of learning technology and taking ownership of one’s own education.

Challenge Two

Their second big challenge will be embracing Leadership Academy courses. They will have a lot of reading and many assignments, and their mentors and peers will expect them to perform on new levels. To succeed, they will need to work very hard, leave their comfort zone, and learn to manage their time very well.

We believe this is a positive challenge as well, but Leadership Academy is not for everyone. It is for those who want to learn, have a desire to succeed, and are willing to work hard on their education.

Is your student ready to learn online?

Not all families thrive in this kind of online environment, so we invite you to see if we’re the right fit for your family by taking our Right Fit Quiz!