Humanities Program Overview

Our Approach

We use history to teach our grade 6-8 students the highest ideals of leadership behavior in our blended Humanities courses. We use rich readings, simulations, and projects that dive deeply into past events and context. We use literary texts that have survived the centuries to help them gain insight into the broad fields of human endeavor. We also explore contemporary writings that offer similar teaching power.

Language Arts are woven into our course work. Our students sharpen their reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing skills in projects.

We educate the entire person. We use art and music to refine the senses and teach discernment, taste, appreciation, and the classical values of beauty. We also give students opportunities to memorize, speak, present, and be attentive listeners.

By combining the concepts of beauty, the skills of analysis, the opportunities for creativity, and self-discipline within the learning process, the Humanities 6-8 program promotes thoughtful, well-rounded students who will excel in their high school courses.

Middle School Humanities Courses

CoursesRecommended GradeCreditDelivery FormatPrerequisitesVersions
Humanities 6/7 A6/70.5LiveNoneClassic/Honors
Humanities 6/7 B6/70.5LiveHumanities 6/7 A (Recommended)Classic/Honors
Humanities 6/7 C6/70.5LiveNoneClassic/Honors
Humanities 6/7 D6/70.5LiveHumanities 6/7 C (Recommended)Classic/Honors
Humanities 8 A80.5Live/Self-PacedNoneClassic/Honors
Humanities 8 B80.5Live/Self-PacedHumanities 8 A (Recommended)Classic/Honors