Leadership Program Overview

Our Approach

We aim to provide the highest quality, online education possible to middle school students. To hit this target, we offer a fully integrated selection of courses guided by experienced and caring mentors.

The center of our offering is our Leadership Program. It combines effective study and scheduling concepts and habits with these course elements:

  • Self-leadership
  • Public leadership
  • Literature/Biographies
  • Creative Writing
  • Crocodiles International Leadership Concepts

Self-leadership is about self-control. Self-control is the foundation of sound institutions at every social level. In Leadership classes, we explore what it means to lead one’s self. Students learn how self-leadership enables our society in a critical way.

We start each day by helping students discover the leadership opportunities hidden in each challenge that comes their way. We teach them to see life, not as a trial to be endured, but as a banquet of unique opportunities. As they explore these leadership opportunities, they start to uncover their own budding leadership qualities. They begin to look more deeply at the changes they are going through. They learn to see change as a reason to stretch higher instead of an unconquerable opponent.

As students survey their lives with the help of inspiring mentors, they find the unchanging truths of their existence. Life soon becomes less accidental and more creative. They learn to pick their own heroes, seek their own adventures, identify their own gifts, and face their barriers with understanding.

They learn that amidst changing hormones, friendships and circumstances, they can uncover their inner strengths and inspirations. They learn to find guidance through purposeful patterns of decision making. The path of self-discovery becomes a joyful adventure instead of a mindless, purposeless race to the end of life.


Leadership Courses (Middle School)

CoursesRecommended GradeCreditDelivery FormatPrerequisites
Leadership 6/7 A6/70.5LiveNone
Leadership 6/7 B6/70.5LiveLeadership 6/7 A (Recommended)
Leadership 6/7 C6/70.5LiveNone
Leadership 6/7 D6/70.5LiveLeadership 6/7 C (Recommended)
Leadership 8 A80.5LiveNone
Leadership 8 B80.5LiveLeadership 8 A (Recommended)