Writing Program Overview

Our Approach

Writing 6/7 A through D: Our 6th and 7th grade students learn the fundamentals of writing in our Writing A/B and Writing C/D courses. Writing A/B is taught one year and Writing C/D the next.

Students learn spelling, punctuation, and grammar as they write across a broad range of topics and categories. These fundamentals are reinforced in writing for Humanities, Leadership, and STEM courses.

Weekly readings, projects, and learning topics provide the context for writing assignments, which build on one another as the year progresses.

Writing 8 A and B: In Writing 8 courses, students learn the fundamental skills of inquiry, outlining, drafting, and revising. They also learn how to write with a specific goal in mind. These classes are for students who are ready to learn and practice new writing skills, develop their own writing styles, and learn why writing matters.

Writing 8A teaches students how to construct effective sentences and paragraphs, a foundational skill for advanced essay writing that will be required in high school. Students who have mastered sentence and paragraph construction are ready to write three- and five-paragraph essays. The course also includes review exercises in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Writing 8B helps students focus, clarify, and develop their ideas. They also learn patterns of communication that others can easily understand. In this course, students develop confidence through writing and increase the likelihood of their success in high school, college, and life.


Middle School Writing Courses

CoursesRecommended GradeCreditDelivery FormatPrerequisites
Writing 6 A60.5Self-PacedNone
Writing 6 B60.5Self-PacedNone
Writing 7 A70.5Self-PacedNone
Writing 7 B70.5Self-PacedNone
Writing 8 A80.5LiveNone
Writing 8 B80.5LiveNone

** Note: 6/7 Grade students have a rotating curriculum (they complete A and B one year and then C and D the next).