Outdoor Adventures

Fun outdoor activities with trusted mentors and supportive peers.

Beginning this fall, Leadership Academy of Utah is partnering with Williamsburg Adventures to offer Outdoor Adventures, an all-new in-person course for students in grades 6-12. Students in this course will earn PE credit for participating in activities including rock climbing, hiking, skiing, survival skills, first-aid, archery, outdoor games, and more. For the first time, this course will give students the chance to experience Elevation-style activities and peer connections on a weekly basis.

Read below for full details on this exciting new option for LAU students!

Can students in both middle school and high school participate in Outdoor Adventures?

Yes! All LAU students (grades 6-12) can participate in this course. The course will be split into two age groups: middle school and high school. Students who do not enroll in the full course can also attend up to five adventures each semester. Some adventures will require additional fees (more details below).

Where will Outdoor Adventures be held?

Adventures for this course will be held in five regions throughout the state:

  1. Logan
  2. Ogden
  3. Bountiful
  4. Salt Lake City
  5. Pleasant Grove

When will Outdoor Adventures be held?

Adventures for this course will be held on ten Fridays throughout the semester. Most adventures will begin at 9:00 AM and run for two to four hours. The dates for all adventures (in all locations) for fall 2019 are as follows:

  • September 13
  • September 20
  • September 27
  • October 4
  • October 11
  • October 25
  • November 1
  • November 8
  • November 15
  • December 6

Parents are welcome to stay and observe most adventures (whenever the facility can accommodate you).

What types of activities will be included in Outdoor Adventures?

For the 2019 fall semester, this course will include the following activities in each region:

  • Hiking
  • Climbing & rappeling
  • Kayak & stand-up paddleboarding
  • Outdoor games
  • First aid training
  • Self-defense
  • Ice skating

How will students confirm their attendance for each adventure?

Students who enroll in this course will have access to a detailed schedule with exact times and locations for their region in Canvas, our online learning management system. Students will also be able to RSVP for each adventure from Canvas (or opt out of any they cannot attend).

Can students earn credit for participating in Outdoor Adventures?

Yes! Students who register for this course will earn 0.5 PE credits per semester. To earn credit, students must attend at least seven of the ten adventures offered during the semester.

Are any fees required to participate in Outdoor Adventures?

Students who are enrolled in the course will not need to pay fees for any adventure required to pass the course. Students who are not enrolled in the course will need to pay $25 to participate in each adventure, up to a maximum of five per semester. A small number of optional adventures (for example, a ski trip) may require all participants (including enrolled students) to pay fees.

Note: For fall 2019, no activity will require enrolled students to pay fees.

How can students enroll in Outdoor Adventures?

Parents will enroll students in this course in SIS, as with all other courses. Once signed into SIS, parents can select the course with their student’s age group (middle or high school) and region (Logan, Ogden, or Salt Lake & Utah Counties) from the list of Outdoor Adventure sections.

Do students have to enroll in the Outdoor Adventures course to participate in these activities?

No. Students who are not enrolled in the course may participate in up to five Friday adventures each semester (additional fees are required; see above).

Note: When space is limited for an adventure, priority will be given to students enrolled in this course.

What happens if not enough students enroll in Outdoor Adventures in a given region?

We need a minimum number of enrolled students in each area to make this course viable. If we do not achieve minimum enrollment in a given region, we will not be able to offer this course in that area.