Parent Expectations


We view parents as the owners of their family’s education and ourselves as a key strategic partner in those educational efforts. While students at LAU are taught to be self-guided and accountable, we expect parents to maintain a substantial, supporting role in their child’s education. By enrolling your student at LAU, you are signaling that you are prepared and willing to keep the commitments outlined in the LAU Parent-Student Handbook.

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Middle School to High School

Students’ educational needs change as they move from middle school to high school, so parental involvement must adapt as well. Support from parents is most needed by middle school students and tends to decrease as the student progresses through high school. However, the student must continue to be accountable and may need significant support from parents and mentors as they learn to manage their time and energy. After a bit of practice, they will begin to hold themselves accountable and parents may feel they can grant the student more independence.

Participation and Support

Whether students are beginning middle school and require lots of accountability or are finishing high school and have mastered the management of their time and resources, it is imperative that parents take an active interest in the education of their children. Courses at Leadership Academy are designed to be challenging. Students will benefit enormously from daily encouragement from their parents. As parents and mentors join together to hold students to high expectations and then provide them with support, guidance, and love, students will flourish and grow into principled leaders.