Parent Testimonials


This has been an absolutely incredible experience for our son and our family! I can’t say enough good things! I have been putting off homeschooling our son because I didn’t know it could be this ‘easy’ and such a learning experience too! We will be back next school year! Thank you to all the teachers, mentors, and support staff from the bottom of my heart!

-Kate S., Osage Beach, MO


I love the flexibility and the college-like schedule of the semesters/classes. It allows our family to travel as well as plan other activities and celebrations, which would typically be a challenge in traditional schools.

-Annette J., West Valley City, UT


The teachers have always been kind, understanding, and encouraging to my daughter. I’m so grateful that she got to a point where she feels comfortable with talking in class and talking with her teachers if necessary. Our daughter is confident in her work now and I couldn’t be happier seeing the transformation that took place. Thank you, Williamsburg. You have worked miracles for my daughter.

-April O., Oak Ridge, TN


Our daughter has found a real passion after involvement with mock trials and debates. She is now checking out law school as a result. This motivated her to work harder, which was fun to watch.

-Bill T., St. Louis, MO


I feel really involved, and I feel like we are working as a team. I appreciate the feeling that I, as a parent, matter in what happens with my children.

-Jenny N., Elwood, UT


Our daughter has a much better grasp of herself as a person who can succeed in school and life now…She also sees herself as a compassionate, dedicated motivator, organizer, team leader, supporter and capable person. What more could a parent ask for?!

-Linda S., St. John, VI


Our son has definitely become much more knowledgeable about the world around him and is able to observe, analyze and form opinions about issues we discuss.

-Maile R., Provo, UT


We are so grateful to have found mentors who are truly helping our youth realize that their education and their potential truly are in their own hands – they can be leaders but they’ve got to do the work! The online experience with the middle school program has helped our daughters find a social connection with other like-minded youth, providing them with some great positive peer experiences.

-Becky F., Moscow, ID


The students are learning to think for themselves and are focusing on how they will make the world a better place. They are learning to work with technology in a manner that most closely mirrors the way people work today – virtually. They are focusing on the whole person and character vs. simply learning facts that help pass a test that will lead to income generation. It’s a more complete education.

-Bill T., St. Louis, MO


I love, love, love how the mentors engage the students; my son eats it up and it encourages him to do better. You have a good thing going, and thank you to all of my son’s mentors for making his experience so positive. He has completed his first year of college at University of Alaska Fairbanks on the Dean’s List. He’s hoping to complete his Physics Degree with a possible double degree in Mathematics. I’ve been singing praises to every other home school parent regarding all the wonderful and positive things I am seeing in my son’s learning. He truly loved his classes!

-Eileen B., Juneau, AK


Having mentors willing to accommodate my daughter’s unique learning challenges as well as encouraging her many gifts has been such a blessing to our family. My daughter regularly tells me that she is so glad that she is able to attend Williamsburg. She has had experience in the public school system, so she recognizes how wonderfully different the curriculum and mentors are at Williamsburg.

-Susie P., Moscow, ID


I recently reflected on the impact of having solid, male role models for my children. This is very valuable in the shaky world these kids are growing up in. I am thankful that my students see their mentors as husbands and fathers and learn from the experiences they share in class and in mentor meetings how they value their role in their families. This is impacting the view my students have of men in society and family in positive ways.

-Janet F., Rio Ranch, NM


Williamsburg uses a classics-based curriculum and a team of principled mentors to create learning environments that build strong youth. It is not just about academics, though their program is outstanding. It is about leadership which honors the many varieties of leadership qualities each individual student possesses.

-Natasha B., Bountiful, UT


My daughter is learning what it means to be a leader and how to hold herself responsible for her goals and actions.

-Kaecey M., Elkton, MD


In the beginning people thought I was crazy for pulling my kids out of the public school system. Now some of the same people are asking about it. It’s my kids’ behavior that makes them interested in the school. They can see a difference in their passion/zest for life, and they want it for their kids.

-Lisa A., Landstuhl, Germany


Our son decided when he was seven that he wanted to be president, and Williamsburg has helped him to gain the education and leadership skills that I feel will help him get there, if that’s what he chooses to do.

-Heather F., Monroe, UT


Williamsburg has chosen the most amazing books for their curriculum. A whole world has opened up to both my boys that they didn’t know existed. That’s what a good education is supposed to do!

-Jennifer R., Salt Lake City, UT


Your academy is a breath of fresh air. You are building future leaders. My son has never been so happy with school. You push them, and they love it!!!!! You have a formula that needs to be replicated around the world.

-Jim Q., Sturgeon, MO


My son loves learning history and enjoys the class’s stimulating discussions. Because the level of academics is challenging, I feel Williamsburg offers the best avenue for teaching my kids. Because Williamsburg requires all students to participate orally, my son is learning to overcome his quietness. He is taking an active role in class and now in youth group. I like the different methods of teaching through PowerPoint, leading group discussions, epiphanies, colloquiums, and essays. I feel this is a well-rounded program. I especially appreciate the connection of history with literature as they examine the culture and types of government during a particular period. I find myself reading and learning along side my children as they approach each topic. My son is developing confidence in how he gives presentations, uses the computer for research, and organizing his thoughts on paper. He is very quiet, but through Williamsburg he is taking an active role in his education, in himself, and with his peers.

-Jonna B., Anchorage, AK


Williamsburg has challenged my daughter to become a better time manager and to go more in depth in her analysis and writing on subjects. I feel she is getting a better education on how to look at the world at Williamsburg than she would at public school.

-Colleen M., Eagle River, AK


It’s a great program–very rigorous, and yet teachers are completely accessible for help and positive feedback.

-Kathryn P., Cardston, AB, Canada


My son loves the education and experience he is receiving at Williamsburg. He is not even tempted by the classes at the local high school. He knows he is learning more and enjoys teachers who love teaching and know their subjects and their students.

-Becky O., Manti, UT


I really love the classical approach to literature and social studies. The leadership aspects of education at WA are excellent and so important for our youth .Mr. Ure has incredible knowledge about the educational process for teenagers. This is such an important aspect to inspire and bring out the best in each student and he does a superb job!  I’ve seen my children step out of their comfort zones more than once in different areas to meet a challenge they otherwise would not have attempted. They do this because of the environment of support from their mentors as well as their fellow students.

-Dona M., Bothwell, UT


My girls love their mentors…I have seen the quality of mentors, and it is very nice as a parent to trust the kids are learning from quality people.

-Nancy W., St. George, UT


I love that my son is still in my home, and I can monitor and be aware of what he is being taught. I love the quality of mentors; my son says he wants to take Euclidean geometry, not because of his love of geometry, but because of who mentors it.

-Kara D., Alpine, UT


I’m so glad we were able to keep our kids out of public school. We had come to a point where I couldn’t meet my children’s needs myself anymore and they provided a high-quality alternative that closely matches our family’s value system. Thank you.

-Yvette B., Clearfield, UT


I have never seen my daughter more excited about learning than she has been while taking classes at Williamsburg. The mentors, projects, books, and assignments are inspiring.

-Jennifer T., Suwanee, GA


I would say Sam is getting wonderful opportunities to talk to people from all over the country and learning from them. I love how there are no discipline problems to interrupt or slow down the pace of the class.

-Jennifer R., Salt Lake City, UT


Ryan is mastering himself through personal leadership. He runs his life by setting goals and managing time by doing things that are most important to him. He is growing in serving his community with social leadership and has recognized how to understand others’ perspectives. He has gotten several IT jobs in our local area and across state lines due to his skills of communicating through the computer all day.

-Carla Q., Sturgeon, MO


Jessica is showing progress to becoming a great leader. She has a good perspective of history and world events. She understands how important it is to be a leader and she practices it everyday, in our family, church and extracurricular activities. Williamsburg has been tremendous at encouraging leadership with our her. She now looks at how her leadership and example might effect others, when she used to take more of a back seat in participation. The growth and progress of her education through Williamsburg has given her the tools to move forward in any direction she chooses with a confidence that she didn’t have before.

-Malinda H., Hurricane, UT


She is learning how to climb Mt. Everest with the minimum amount of tools while receiving more than a sufficient amount of support and encouragement. She is so motivated that I never have to tell her to get back to studying. She is learning to speak well, think well, and do well. Because the weight of education is upon my daughter’s shoulders, she drives herself to learn and grow better than if she were told what she were to do and how to do it.

-Julie G., Burley, ID


My children have access to discussions with peers and mentors which are valuable, full of depth and insight, with opportunities to exercise leadership, explore diverse views and opinions, and which prepare them for college life and learning.

-Cathryn F., Gig Harbor, WA

I originally enrolled my son in Williamsburg because the emphasis on classics, and discussing ideas with peers and mentors was an element of his education I wanted to foster. However, through the leadership classes, I have seen progress in his character development and personal responsibility I never expected. Williamsburg is preparing students for life beyond graduation. It’s a safe place for students to stretch their abilities. One analytic child is encouraged to use creative thinking, while another spontaneous child is encouraged to dig deeper and do quality work. The mentors know them well enough to challenge them against themselves, not in competition with the strengths and weaknesses of other students. My son not only reads and discusses material from class, but also implements these skills into his daily activities. Thank you.

-RaNae R., Show Low, AZ


Amazing! The program helps each youth to grow in their own capacity and to progress in competition with themselves–not others. That is very non-public school, and I like that mentality.

-Tricia L., Bountiful, UT



My children have great mentors who CARE, who inspire, who challenge, and want the best from my children. I love that they read the classics, and that they are learning meaningful things like liberal arts at Williamsburg

-!Dena E., Woodland, CA


My daughter is being exposed to original sources, ie in Government she has been listening to Scalia and reading court cases. I am amazed and impressed at her level of interest and ability to stretch herself to learn what I remember trying to learn in college. So, I think high expectations and mentoring them on their journey has paid off great dividends!

-Michelle E., Anchorage, AK


One of my daughters is quite shy; I think attending WA has allowed her to be behind the scenes, but I believe that she participates and engages more than she would if she were in public school. This year, I have been able to see here taking that into settings with her church friends and not feeling afraid to step out and speak up. This has been a great experience for my daughter. She is learning how to manage her time and prioritize her assignments. She is taking ownership and responsibility for her work. She loves the school and loves her mentors. For a student who is quite shy, some of the assignments have been great, because it has forced her to plan study groups, be on the camera in front of others and see that it is fine.

-Coleen D., Frederick, MD


Masina has loved all that she has learned in her classes. She is more confident in having conversations with others. She seems to be aware of things that are going on around her and is confident in sharing her opinion

-.Stacey D., Syracuse, UT


Nathan is learning how to read, analyze, argue, and logically present detailed and, at times, difficult information. The curriculum and mentors at Williamsburg make this happen.

-Mike W., Cedar City, UT


Williamsburg offers our children an engaging educational experience where mentors (not just teachers) truly inspire them to learn great things and to become great people. I’m especially impressed with how the mentors use technology and current trends to tailor the learning experience for each student as the semester progresses. Our kids feel knowledgeable and confident and happily identify themselves as “burgers.”

-Steve S., Mendon, UT


Cedar has really taken ownership of her studies since she has been at Williamsburg. The program has given her direction and a goal to progress towards, which really is her motivation to work hard. I feel she will be very prepared to enter college when the time comes.

-Annette J., West Valley City, UT


I love that my son is learning how to be a leader. His education does not include being told what to think or express. His education emphasizes thinking on his own and solving his own problems. Because of this, I have confidence in his future and his contributions to society. I have watched him progress in his own skin. He used to respond to a question with a look in his eyes of “is that what you wanted me to say?” Now he expresses himself without needing validation. He knows what and how to say what he wants. Thank you Williamsburg!

-Katy H., Spring Creek, NV


I think the leadership aspect is great to help them take responsibility for their life, not only in academics, but with anything they may be struggling with socially, emotionally, internally, future planning, etc.

-Colleen M., Eagle River, AK


Every member of the WA team, from a teacher’s assistant to the headmaster and CEO, are responsive and answer or resolve every question or problem we have had.

-Angie K., Las Vegas, NV


The mentors are knowledgeable, caring, and even entertaining! Sometimes, when I have the time, I’ll stop and watch the classes with my students just because they’re so engaging 🙂 I love that this is a living curriculum and not a program-in-a-can! I love that the mentors can adjust the assignments to fit the learning level of both the class and individual students and still be able to meet the learning objectives of the course. My daughters always look forward to class- the mentors are informative, entertaining, understanding, inspiring, and un-intimidating.

-Renee K., Calimesa, CA


Words aren’t enough to express how much I love and appreciate the school and the mentors. My son loves every minute. I can see in the way he chooses to conduct his life that he is being well trained and Williamsburg is a big part of that. Thank you.

-Heather F., Monroe, UT


I think the best part of Williamsburg Mentors is that I notice in my child the passion for learning that the mentors inspire in them. There is not one class that my son has taken than has been uninspiring and that tells me more than anything. My son told me, “Mom, I have read more books in this semester than a year in regular school, and the thing is… that I liked all of them!” He looks forward to learn and all his classes. That’s pretty impressive. I think Leadership classes really make a difference in our kids’ education. It’s not just about the classes. It’s about the responsibility they are learning to have and the leadership skills they get to demonstrate during his classes. It is all embedded in the curriculum and the care that the mentors have for the students.

-Soly S., Naples, FL


All I can say is, Thank you. My son has grown in ways I did not expect. His mentors have motivated him and have been encouraging every step of the way. From the very start he know that they would not give up on him. In fact, Jackie de Laveaga has been a huge supporter. She would not let he quit when he was so close to the finish line. Her belief in him has helped his confidence in writing grow tremendously.

-April H., Federal Way, WA


I LOVE the Williamsburg classes and the security in knowing that my child will be challenged and receive excellent education through this non-traditional venue. I have witnessed my children become more articulate about their opinions on serious issues and more confident in forming those opinions. Their confidence has grown exponentially.

-Cari M., Chugiak, AK


So far the staff at WA have been wonderful to work with. Currently, my oldest student has some learning disabilities and struggles in some areas. The staff at WA have been very willing to allow accommodations based on my recommendations. I truly feel like WA is an excellent partner to a home schooling parent. My students have both grown in many ways this year in large part this is due to the mentors at WA.

-Tiffany D., Anchorage, AK


I simply love this online system–how the students are guided by the teacher, aware of their needs, since the very first class. Students develop leadership with the other students when they make group projects.

-Priscila L., Indaial, Brazil


I love Williamsburg. My son told me today he learns so much more while doing less than his friends at regular school. You make the assignments so clear and interesting, I don’t think he realizes how much he is actually doing!

-Wendy F., Cowley, WY


We live part of year on a remote island with limited internet. [We love] the fact that when we cannot access the live classes, there is a recorded class that my son can tap into.

-Eileen B., Juneau, AK


I tell everyone I that the students have the tremendous advantage to take contol and responsibility of their own education, but with wonderful mentors they are not without help and boundaries. I also love the way it puts me even more on the “same team” with my children. I am so excited that my daughter can have mentors who truly care about her and who are masters of their subject areas. You all do a marvelous job.

-Elizabeth T., Dothan, AL


I can see my son turning into a man! He is showing more signs of taking his own life in his hands. He is being responsible for his studies. He is excited to get up and learn new things.

-Lisa B., Huntington, UT


I love what I see my students doing. They are learning and are excited and happy about their classes. I don’t know more than from their perspective. I would say that I am so pleased with the encouragement, patience, and support they both receive from their mentors as they meet challenges along the way. The educational experience that my sons are having at Williamsburg is multi-faceted. The subjects are taught from several perspectives.

-Shelly L., Ephraim, UT


My daughter is more confident in her accidemics and leadership skills. B– loves school, she loves doing homework, she loves the challenge, she loves her mentors and that is saying a whole lot compared to the attitudes of her public school friends. Her progress is amazing!

-Shelby S., Manti, UT


My daughter is learning who she is, what she believes, what she can do, and who she can become.

-Jennilyn Y., West Jordan, UT


My son is learning more than I thought possible at his age and has truly stepped up to the plate as a leader to his friends and siblings. He has more confidence in his abilities and is learning how to put his talents to use. And the best part, he is happy and loving the fact that he is a part of Leadership Academy of Utah (even while doing his homework).

-Carolyn M., Wasilla, AK


My daughter is learning to use her time effectively, to prioritize, and to be accountable for her choices.

-Tonna B., Port Angeles, WA


I would say that I really love this program, and it seems like a good program to get our children ready for college.

-Kathy B., Layton, UT


My child has progressed in leaps and bounds. The mentors are able to inspire him to do some serious study and hard work.

-Kimberly C., Hyde Park, UT


The ability students have coupled with high mentor- expectations to progress academically, far surpasses any other high-school we have been associated with.

-Heidi W., Las Vegas, NV


This program inspires my daughter to dig in and work hard. She is more self-motivated and enjoys the classes.

-Denise H., Millville, UT


The work is intense; the expectations are high; the support is phenomenal; the atmosphere is motivational; the social interaction is real and welcomed; the students are serious and seek to help and get help from each other; the mentors are all on the same page; the leadership aspect is a priority and applies to all classes.

-Jean A., Mentone, CA


It’s pretty cool to see my shy and reserved kiddo coming out of her shell and realizing that she’s much more of a leader than she has given herself credit for!

-Lisa K., Cypress, TX


My daughter is really learning how to manage her time and energy. She is much more focused than she used to be. She is much more confident with her increased knowledge and abilities.

-Angela Q., Stirling, AB, Canada


My child has improved immensely in the area of reading and taking responsibility for his own academics independent of me. I have seen him building in confidence and making more conscious decisions for himself and in respect of others.

-Donna V., Plano, TX