Pre-Start Checklist

Content will be updated with information for Fall 2021 closer to the start of the new school year.

Welcome to Leadership Academy of Utah! We’re so glad you’re here! We want you to have a smooth start, so we’ve created this checklist to help you work through any potential glitches before you start your coursework. Please make sure to complete each task on the list thoroughly to ensure a smooth start to the semester. Need help? Email or call 800-200-6869.

 Pre-Start Checklist Tasks
1.Register for Courses
Log into SIS using your parent account. Under your student's name, click "Registration." Select your student's courses according to the guidelines on THIS page.

Please note:
  • You can only register for classes if you've submitted a complete application for that school year and it has been approved. Both new and returning students must complete an application each year, although the returning application is shorter in length.

  • Times listed for classes are in Mountain Time.

  • If you need to change your schedule, try the "Drop/Switch" feature in SIS. There may be some limitations though since all enrollments and changes must be approved by the school. If you have any questions, please contact Kate Chaney at

  • SIS is where you can check your student's schedule, grades, and pacing and also communicate with mentors. It may be helpful to bookmark the site. You'll also find a link to SIS at the top right of this website.

2.Perform a Tech Check
Go to the Technology Requirements & Support page and:
  • Read “Technology Tools” together. Be sure you have a computer that will work and has the required software programs.

  • Read “Technical Support for Canvas and SIS” together. Students, be sure you can log in and see your courses in both Canvas and SIS. You should be able to see your courses in Canvas about a week before the start of the semester.

  • Enrolled students may request a laptop computer for school use by submitting the student(s) full name and grade to Computers are the property of LAU; therefore, both the student and parent/guardian are responsible to read the Laptop Handbook and electronically sign the Laptop Agreement & Acknowledgement form on the last page. This agreement must be completed every year. You are expected to follow the instructions and terms set forth therein.

Books & Materials
  • Online Classes: Parents are responsible to order or provide all required student books and materials for online classes.

  • ILC Classes: Parents are responsible to order all required student books only for ILC classes. All materials needed for ILC classes will be purchased by LAU and available for students at the ILC’s.

  • You will find a full list of your student's required books and materials in SIS under My Students > Classes. Information for the upcoming fall and winter semesters is available on June 15th of each year. LAU will provide reimbursement for all required books and materials. LAU suggests the purchase of books with the same ISBN numbers as indicated on the book list. LAU will not reimburse for more expensive editions such as hardcover books when a softcover is available; maximum reimbursement will be indicated on the book list.

  • Please see this page for full book reimbursement guidelines and instructions.

4.Log-in to Canvas
Help your student log into Canvas. Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) where all course syllabi and class assignments are found. Winter courses will be published and available to students on December 21st. That week, please do the following:
  • Parents of New Students: If your child hasn't already created their SIS login, have them check their email. An invitation was sent to create their login when you started their application process. Once they have a login and you have registered them for classes and the courses are published (i.e. after December 21st), SIS will create a "Canvas" account for them within the next 15 minutes. Your child's Canvas username and password will be the same as the login they created for SIS.

  • All Students, login to Canvas, bookmark this link, and then customize your Course menu. Here’s a screencast that shows you how.

5.Complete New Parent & Student Orientation
  • You can find the recording link from our live-online New Student & Parent Orientation session in Homeroom.

6.Plan for First Week of School
  • Please email us or call 800-200-6869 with any other questions you have to be ready for the first day of classes on January 4th.

7.Take Note of the Following
  • Our schedule for RISE and ACT testing this year can be found in the "Important Links" section of the LAU parent page.