Supplemental Program

See how LAU can work for you.

Do you already participate in a co-op, commonwealth, or another alternative program? LAU can help fill in the gaps.

This year at LAU and Williamsburg Learning, we have been up and down the state meeting with parents, families, groups, and homeschool leaders. Our travels have been a good reminder that each student, each family, and each homeschool group is unique and has unique needs.

One thing we’ve noticed is that many families participate in learning opportunities outside of LAU that you love and don’t want to give up. For families like yours, LAU is thrilled to announce a new Supplemental Program that can bend and flex to fill in any gaps in your existing curriculum. We’ve designed this program to mesh with the programs you already enjoy, such as co-ops, commonwealths, and private schools. You get to decide how LAU supports you—and you don’t have to sacrifice what’s already working.

Before you get locked down for the year in another program, read below to see how our new Supplemental Program stacks up!

Watch this video to see how our new Supplemental Program works:


Or, just follow these steps!

First, select your core courses

Choose two of the following courses per semester. Core courses range in value from $375 (online) to $450 (in-person) per semester:

Middle school options

* Available both online and in-person at an Innovative Learning Center (ILC).

Annual value of core courses for your student: $1500-$1800

Next, select your bonus courses

Choose 2-3 (for middle school) or three (for high school) of the following bonus course options. Bonus courses range in value from $150-$500 per semester, and you can pick any combo:

(If your student is interested in taking the full-time LAU program, read on below to see how much extra value they can get from doing so.)

Annual value of bonus courses for your student: $1,300-$2,375

Finally, get your extra resources

By fulfilling the above steps, your student get the full benefits of studying at LAU, including:

  • An LAU Laptop or Chromebook your student can use throughout the year
  • All books and materials paid for (including all science materials!)
  • In-person events to connect with other LAU students in your area

Annual value of extra resources for your student: $450-$600

To recap, here’s the total annual value our new Supplemental Program can provide for your student:

Middle school:

$2,950 – $4,025

High school:

$3,250 – $4,775

Or, consider our full-time program.

Students in LAU’s full-time academic program must be enrolled in the full set of core courses for their grade level. As a result, these students receive even more value, including the following:

  • Enrollment in 2-3 additional core courses per semester ($375-$450 value per course, per semester)
  • Books and materials for 2-3 additional core courses ($50-$125 value per semester)

Annual added value of enrolling full-time: $1,600-$2,225

Here’s the total annual value your student can get from enrolling in our full-time program:

Middle school:

$4,550 – $5,825

High school:

$4,850 – $7,000