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Leadership Academy of Utah (LAU) is accredited by Cognia and the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC). That means the credit your child earns here is recognized by nearly all schools and universities in the Unites States, and many others around the world.






Benefits of Accreditation

Being an accredited online school ensures our curriculum meets or exceeds national standards—giving your student a strong, trusted foundation for their education in high school and beyond.

On top of that, accreditation ensures that any credit your student earns at LAU is recognized by all other schools accredited by Cognia and ACS WASC. It is also recognized by most other accredited middle schools and high schools, including for the purpose of transferring high school credit.

Lastly, LAU students who fulfill our graduation requirements can graduate with an accredited high school diploma. A diploma from LAU is recognized by most colleges and universities in the United States, and many other higher-learning institutions worldwide.


About Our Accreditors

Cognia is one of the largest accrediting bodies in the world and provides accreditation to over 30,000 schools and school systems. LAU will remain accredited by Cognia through June 2027, when we will undergo Cognia’s rigorous review process again to renew our accreditation certificate.

ACS WASC is another world-renowned accrediting body, providing accreditation to over 5,000 public, independent, and proprietary youth and adult schools worldwide.

Did You Know? LAU Is Also NCAA Accredited!

Help your student take the first step toward Division I or Division II eligibility by reviewing our complete list of NCAA-approved courses.