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Funded Approved Vendor Electives

Helping Your Student Do More of What They Love

LAU Student Making Art

Funded Approved Vendor Electives

Helping Your Student Do More of What They Love


How It Works

Through Funded Approved Vendor Electives (FAVE), we help fund and award academic credit for your student’s favorite extracurricular activity with an approved vendor.

Benefits for Students

  • Take up to one FAVE course per semester from an LAU-approved vendor.
  • Receive up to $300 per semester for their chosen activity (paid directly to the vendor).
  • Earn academic credit for an activity or hobby they love and want to improve in.
LAU Students Doing Karate

Why We Offer This Option

  • To support students at a beginning or intermediate level of instruction.
  • To help students unplug from screens, get moving, and socialize in person.
  • To improve access to physical extracurricular activities that enrich student’s lives.
lau students in dance class

Eligible Activities

To qualify as a FAVE course, activities must be offered by a qualified professional at a licensed business that has a physical, public location such as a gym or studio. These can include:

  • Fine arts – Dance, media arts, music study, choir, instrumental, theater, or visual arts.
  • PE – Group activities that help students develop physical fitness and skills, such as martial arts, gymnastics, sports, etc.
  • Electives – Other in-person courses (such as debate with Wasatch Independent Debate League) that meet the goals listed above.
LAU Students Making Music

Non-Eligible Activities

Online courses, or courses with similar content to those already offered by LAU, are not eligible to be taken as a FAVE course. Specifically, these include:

  • Any online courses – These do not engage students in physical or social activities in a public, in-person setting.
  • Core courses – Including History, Science, Math, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Leadership. (LAU already offers courses in these subjects.)
  • Any type of 1:1 instruction not offered in a public setting – Public settings include places like a dance studio, a university, or a place of business; a private residence does not qualify.
  • Classes from local tech colleges – LAU already offers enrollment opportunities with tech colleges through our Career & Technical Education program.
LAU student learning guitar

Approved Vendors

Below is a list of approved FAVE vendors (for a list of vendors who are pending approval, click here).

If you don't see your student's chosen vendor below or on our list of pending approvals, please contact our Independent Studies & Funded Electives Coordinator.


Your Commitment

FAVE courses are a privilege. Please understand your commitment before enrolling in this program.



If you have unanswered questions, please contact our Independent Studies & Funded Electives Coordinator. 


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