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Concurrent Enrollment at SUU


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Leadership Academy of Utah (LAU) partners with Southern Utah University (SUU) to give students access to SUU’s online Concurrent Enrollment courses.

Your high school student can earn college credits and fulfill LAU’s graduation requirements simultaneously when they enroll in Concurrent Enrollment (CE) classes at SUU. This program is open to students in grades 10-12. Special consideration will be made for students in grade 9 who did exceptionally well in middle school.

Students interested in participating in the SUU Concurrent Enrollment program should discuss this with their LAU school counselor before enrolling at SUU.

Upon LAU approval, students should work directly with SUU to enroll. Students are required to meet all application and admission guidelines as outlined by LAU and on the SUU website.

*Concurrent Enrollment is synonymous with “Early College” or “HSUP Dual Enrollment” at other LAU college partners.


Get Started


First, review the Qualifications and FAQ sections on our Early College page.


Then, visit SUU Concurrent Enrollment page for application information and guidelines.


Next, review the information on this page and follow the steps outlined below.




Steps to Enroll in Concurrent Enrollment at SUU


Need Help?

Students should work directly with the SUU to resolve any issues with their application or registration processes.

Concurrent Enrollment and CTE Director

Michelle Lambert

Concurrent Enrollment Coordinator

Janet Johnson

CE Help Desk

CE Office Staff

Please contact your student's school counselor if you need help with LAU’s requirements or Early College processes.