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Early College at BYU-I


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Leadership Academy of Utah (LAU) partners with Brigham Young University-Idaho to give your student access to BYU-I’s online Early College courses tuition-free!

Your high school student can earn college credits and fulfill LAU’s graduation requirements simultaneously when they enroll in Early College classes at BYU-I. This program is open to students in grades 11-12 who are 16+ years old.

Students interested in participating in the BYU-I Early College program should discuss this with their LAU school counselor before enrolling at BYU-I.

Upon LAU approval, students should work directly with BYU-I to enroll. Students are required to meet all application and admission guidelines as outlined by LAU and on the BYU-I website.


Get Started


First, review the Qualifications and FAQ sections on our Early College page.


Then, visit BYU-I’s Early College web page for 
application information and guidelines.


Next, review the information on this page and follow the steps outlined below.




Steps to Enroll in Early College at BYU-I


Need Help?

Students should work directly with BYU-I to resolve any issues with their application or registration processes.

BYU-I Application

 (208) 496-1411

BYU-I Registration

(208) 496-1411

If you need help with LAU’s requirements or Early College processes, please contact your student’s school counselor.