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Fee Schedule

2023-2024 Fees

Leadership Academy of Utah (LAU) does not charge tuition or fees for students to attend school-sponsored activities, but some fees apply for graduation and college programs.

Cap and Gown

Students graduating from LAU are responsible for the cost of their cap and gown. Pricing is set by the supplier and charged directly to the student.

College Partnership Fees (non-waivable)

Students are responsible for fees pertaining to Early College and Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs as follows:

  • Early College: Fees, textbooks, and class registration paid to universities
  • Tech school: Fees paid to Utah Colleges of Applied Technology for class enrollment

See our Early College and CTE pages for details on tuition and fees for these programs.

Fee Waiver Application

Your student may be eligible to have one or more of their fees waived. Fee waiver eligibility information is filled out annually in the student application. If you would like to apply to have your student’s fees waived, please fill out the LAU Fee Waiver Application form. If you disagree with a fee waiver decision regarding your student, please follow the LAU Appeals process to resolve concerns.


Questions About Fees?

For additional information on fees and fee waivers, please contact our Director of Operations.