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Required Standardized Exams

The state requires both middle and high school students at Leadership Academy of Utah (LAU) to complete standardized exams throughout the school year. These include:

LAU follows state guidelines and procedures for all assessments. Requirements and content are based on the student’s class schedule. Exams are end-of-grade level comprehensive and cover general knowledge in each subject category. 

Students must take assessments in their local area with an authorized proctor present. To help with this, LAU staff travel throughout the state to administer and proctor exams. Snacks, drinks, and lunch will be provided for examinees at all locations. 

To see the dates and locations for each exam, please review our Assessment Schedule. This document also includes details and resources to help your student prepare.

Note: In some cases, students may need to travel to a neighboring city to complete certain exams.


How We Incorporate Exams and Grades

At LAU, we use standardized exams and course grades to empower students. Rather than “teaching to the test,” our mentors help students view grades and exam results as a way to expand their self-awareness and deepen their understanding of each subject.

Without grades and assessments, it would be hard for students to accurately pinpoint their knowledge level and track their progress toward mastery. With them, students can more clearly see their progress and understand where they can improve. 


Test Day Instructions

In the weeks prior to testing, parents will receive information about assessment dates, locations, times, and what to expect on test day. Additionally, please refer to any information sent to you upon registering for ACT exams and state assessments.


ACT Exam Info

Taking the ACT is optional but highly recommended for students wishing to attend college or a four-year university. For students who choose to complete the ACT, our ACT exam code is 450051. Our district code is D28365.



state Assessments 

Need Help?

For questions regarding assessments and the ACT exam, please contact our Assessments Coordinator.