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Our Team

Meet the Team at Leadership Academy of Utah (LAU)

LAU Executive Team

Click the photos below to see our Executive Team's bios.

Profile photo of John Tripp - Executive Director at Leadership Academy of Utah

John Tripp

LAU Executive Director
Profile photo of Shelly Jenkins - LAU Director of Operations

Shelly Jenkins

LAU Director of Operations
Profile photo of Sharla Nelson - Executive Assistant and Communications Specialist at LAU

Sharla Nelson

LAU Executive Assistant & Communications Specialist
Profile photo of Linda Hansen - Director of Administrative Services at LAU

Linda Hansen

LAU Director of Administrative Services

Administrative Services, Student Services, & SPED


Suzanne Bartlomé

Business Office Assistant
Profile photo of Cynthia Hampton - Independent Studies and Funded Approved Vendor Coordinator

Cynthia Hampton

Independent Studies & Funded Electives Coordinator
Photo of Melanie Capener LAU Program and Assessment Coordinator

Melanie Capener

Program & Assessment Coordinator
Photo of Cindy Taylor - LAU Attendance Specialist

Cindy Taylor

Attendance Specialist
Shauna Larson

Shauna Larson

School Counselor
Kate Chaney

Kate Chaney

School Counselor
Profile photo Angela Maloy - LAU Registrar and Family Success Specialist

Angela Maloy

Registrar & Family Success Specialist
Profile photo of Michele Elliott - LAU Student Success Coordinator

Michele Elliott

Student Success Coordinator
Nicoleen Richards

Nicoleen Richards

Credit Recovery Coach
Profile photo Sarah Wayman - LAU Student Support Team

Sarah Wayman

Student Support Team Member
Profile photo of Kimberly Peterson - LAU Student Support Team Member

Kim Peterson

Student Support Team Member
Profile photo of Jacey Rogel - LAU Student Support Team

Jacey Rogel

Student Support Team Member
Profile photo of Julissa Lundquist - LAU Special Education Director

Julissa Lundquist

Special Education Director
Profile photo of Stacie Williams - LAU Special Education Mentor

Stacie Williams

Special Education Mentor
Profile photo of Sarah Lee - LAU Special Education Mentor

Sarah Lee

Special Education Mentor
photo of Lucia Stone - LAU Special Education Mentor

Lucia Stone

Special Education Mentor
Profile photo of Sara Parks - LAU Special Education Paraprofessional

Sara Parks

Special Education Paraprofessional
Profile photo of Lucy Pabst - Special Education Paraprofessional

Lucy Pabst

Special Education Paraprofessional
Profile photo Heather Haskin - LAU Speech Language Pathologist

Heather Haskin

Speech Language Pathologist
Profile photo of David Olsen - LAU IT Equipment Specialist

David Olsen

IT Equipment Specialist
Profile photo of Melissa Manning - LAU Activities Coordinator

Melissa Manning

Activities Coordinator


Parents and students can message additional staff and mentors from within SIS and Canvas.


Outdoor & Leadership Adventures

Click the photos below to see our Adventures Team bios.

Becky Matz - LAU Adventures Program Director

Becky Matz

Adventures Program Director
Melissa Manning LAU Utah State Adventures Coordinator

Melissa Manning

Utah State Adventures Coordinator
Profile photo of Tennessee Tarrant - LAU Adventures Team

Tennessee Tarrant

Weber Adventures Lead
Kim Fisher LAU Adventures Team

Kim Fisher

Weber Adventures Guide
Profile photo of Cissily Braten - LAU Adventures Team

Cissily Braten

Davis Adventures Lead
Gabe Laudie LAU Adventures Team

Gabe Laudie

Davis Adventures Guide
Profile photo of Jessica Ewell - LAU Adventures Team

Jessica Ewell

S. Salt Lake Adventures Lead
Profile photo of Sarah Lopez - LAU Adventures Team

Sarah Lopez

Cache Adventures Guide
Profile photo of Juliann Mann - LAU Adventures Team

Juliann Mann

Cache Adventures Lead
Profile photo of Sarah Millward - LAU Adventures Team

Sarah Millward

Utah County Adventure Lead
Cindy Lee LAU Adventures Team

Cindy Lee

Utah County Guide
Profile photo of Rodney Zedicher - LAU Adventures Team

Rodney Zedicher

Central Adventure Lead
Katie Suggs LAU Adventures Team

Katie Suggs

S. Salt Lake Guide
Richelle Kimball

Richelle Kimball

Manti Adventures Guide
Andy Young

Andy Young

Washington County Adventures Guide

Sheraine Bruce

Adventures Substitute

Torin Kelley

Adventures Substitute

Dabney Millward

Adventures Substitute

Shannen Springer

Adventures Substitute

Melissa Manning

Adventures Substitute

AJ Johnson

Adventures Substitute

Chelsey Penny

Adventures Substitute

Natalie Adamson

Adventures Substitute

Elizabeth Babcock

Adventures Substitute

Amanda Hansen

Adventures Substitute

Williamsburg Learning Mentors

We partner with Williamsburg Learning (WL) to hire and provide world-class mentors who help you provide the right education for your child. Our mentors get to know your child through live online classes, office hours, and assignments with personalized feedback.

View WL Mentors



Williamsburg Learning Leadership Team

Click the photos below to see Williamsburg Learning's Executive Team bios.

Nels Jensen - Williamsburg Learning CEO

Nels Peter Jensen

CEO & Co-Founder
Gary Arnell - Williamsburg Learning CAO

Gary Arnell

Chief Technology Officer
Adam Hailstone - Williamsburg Learning Integrator and CMO

Adam Hailstone

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Marketing Officer
Kim Stanley - Williamsburg Learning CFO

Kim Stanley

Chief Financial Officer
Rob Noorda - Williamsburg Learning Director of Operations

Rob Noorda

Chief Academics Officer

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