Computer Info

LAU Laptop & Chromebook Information

As an online school, Leadership Academy of Utah requires students to have access to a computer and the internet. For students without access to a computer, they may check out an LAU laptop* or Chromebook to use for the academic year. 

All parents and students will be required to read and agree to the terms found in the Laptop/Chromebook Handbook as part of the checkout process.

Guidelines and Procedures

Parent & Student Commitment

Laptops/Chromebooks are the property of LAU. Students are responsible for returning them in working condition. Reasonable wear and tear are acceptable.

If damage occurs, parents will be charged the actual cost of any needed repairs, not to exceed the replacement cost of the laptop/Chromebook. LAU requires that all damages to laptop/Chromebooks be reported within one week.

Parents are responsible for picking up and returning equipment.

Enrolled students who fail to return their laptop will have a hold put on their school records. A late fee of $25 may be assessed for each week past the due date that the student/parent/guardian fails to return the equipment. Parents and students are required to return computers within 1 week of exit. Withdrawn students who fail to return the laptop upon withdrawal may have a police report filed against them for stolen Leadership Academy of Utah property.

1. Submit Laptop/Chromebook Request Form

Requesting and checking out a laptop/Chromebook is a school-wide process that takes place each Fall, and as needed throughout the year.

Please submit the Laptop/Chromebook Request Form to request one for your student.

2. Pick Up a Laptop/Chromebook

Pick-ups can be done by appointment at the Clearfield or Williamsburg Learning offices, at any ILC location on scheduled pick-up/drop-off dates during the school year, or via mail. You may specify your preference in the Laptop/Chromebook Request form.

3. Submit Loan Agreement Confirmation Form

New and returning students using an LAU laptop or Chromebook are required to submit a loan agreement form. Students will need to take a photo of themselves with their laptop/Chromebook and upload it during the form completion process.

For New Students:

For Returning Students: 

Return, Exchange, and Incident Reports

If your student needs to return or exchange their laptop/Chromebook for any reason, please fill out the Computer Return, Exchange, or Incident Report form.


In the event that an LAU laptop/Chromebook needs to be exchanged, LAU will do so if a replacement is available.

General Returns

Laptops/Chromebooks can be returned at any time throughout the school year by the following methods:

  • By appointment at the Clearfield office
  • Via mail (Parents cover the shipping fee unless the student lives further than 60 miles from a return location)
  • During school-wide returns week which falls the last week of May each year

Returns Due to Damage

If a student returns a damaged laptop/Chromebook and is issued a new one, parents will be required to submit the following:

  • Computer Return, Exchange, or Incident Report form
  • A new Laptop/Chromebook Request form
  • A new Laptop/Chromebook Loan Agreement Confirmation form

This ensures LAU records remain accurate and current.

*Important Note: Parents are required to pay for all computer damages before a new computer can be issued.

Receiving or Returning by Mail

All LAU families have the option of receiving or returning their computer(s) via mail if they prefer. Any family living closer than 60 miles to a pick-up/drop-off location will be responsible for paying the shipping expenses prior to shipment. Arrangements to receive or mail computers can be made in the Laptop/Chromebook Request form or the Computer Return, Exchange or Incident Report form.

Shipping Instructions for returning an LAU Laptop/Chromebook via mail:

  • Please double package the Laptop/Chromebook: 
    • Put it in a plastic grocery bag
    • Add bubble wrap or additional padding so it doesn’t shift during shipment
  • Ship in a Medium Flat Rate 2-day Priority Mail box, box #2 (About 13 1/2″ x 3 1/4″ x 12″), available free from the USPS
  • Label the box “Battery contained in equipment UN 3481.”
  • Add $250 insurance to the package
  • Shipping is estimated at $15.05 + $4.60 insurance for a total of $19.75 to ship USPS. Up to 4 laptop/Chromebooks can be shipped in this same box for this price. (Shipping costs may change according to USPS pricing.)

Ship to:

Leadership Academy of Utah
1366 S Legend Hills Drive #190
Clearfield, UT 84015

Keeping Laptop/Chromebook from One Year to the Next

Returning LAU students who keep their laptop/Chromebook from one school year to the next are required to complete the Laptop/Chromebook Loan Agreement form as an annual renewal of their computer contract.  

*LAU has a limited number of laptops available each school year.

Questions about Laptops and Chromebooks? Please contact our Program Coordinator at