Grades and exams form an important aspect of the education at Leadership Academy of Utah. We do not use grades to manipulate students to comply with teacher expectations. Instead, mentors employ grades in a way that empowers students. The purpose of grading at Leadership Academy is to provide students with another resource that allows them to see the progress they are making and to understand where they can improve. Without graded assessments, students would be left in the dark about their own education, but with them, students can distinguish successes and mistakes as they practice managing their time and energy in accountable ways. Wherever possible, mentors include personalized feedback as they issue grades.

Required Standardized Assessments

Both middle school and high school students at Leadership Academy are required by the state to participate in standardized exams throughout the year. Students must take these exams in their local communities with an authorized proctor present. Leadership Academy staff travel throughout the state to administer standardized exams. Depending on local circumstances, students may need to travel to neighboring cities to participate in exams. This is the only travel that is ever required of Leadership Academy students.

The LAU Assessment Schedule can be found on the Current Families/Info Center page under General Info & Resources.

ACT exam code 450051 for Leadership Academy of Utah. Our District Code is D28365.