Funded Independent Courses

Pick your passion.

Starting this fall, LAU will provide access to activities including martial arts, dance, sports, orchestra, speech & debate, and more—all from a qualifying vendor of your choice.

Beginning fall 2019, LAU students have the option of working through approved vendors to receive access to one Funded Independent Course per student, per semester.*

Funded Independent Courses are available for both middle school and high school students.

Here’s how Funded Independent Courses work.

Beginning fall, 2019, LAU students have the option of taking one Funded Independent Course per student (middle school or high school), per semester.

The purpose of LAU’s Funded Independent Courses is to provide students with courses of instruction that:

  • are at a beginning or intermediate level of instruction
  • get students off their screens and encourage social interaction
  • are offered by professionals who operate under a business license
  • are in physical, public settings, such as studios, gyms, or other public places
  • fulfill required standards, and
  • are not in competition with or similar to courses already offered by LAU.

Courses of instruction that do not fulfill the purpose of this program and will not be approved include:

  • Online courses. They do not engage students in physical or social activities in a public setting.
  • Core courses, including History, Science, Math, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Leadership. LAU already offers courses in these subjects. 
  • Any type of 1:1 instruction not offered in a public setting. Public settings include places like a dance studio, a university, or a place of business; a private residence does not qualify.

Approved courses may include:

  • Fine Arts – Dance, media arts, music study, choir, instrumental, theater, and visual arts.
  • PE – Group physical activities that require the development of physical skills and fitness, such as martial arts, gymnastics, sports, etc.
  • Electives – Live courses that meet the purpose of the program as described above and in which LAU does not already provide related offerings.

Process for students

The process for students is identical to the process already established in non-funded Independent Courses. Students must:

  1. Log 60 hours of practice/performance during the semester.
  2. Complete 4 brief reports, one for every 15 hours of practice/performance.
  3. Receive instruction at least four times from a person who is qualified as a professional in the field (high school coaches, construction contractors, martial arts instructors, piano teachers, etc.).

Process for parents

  1. Parents enroll their student in a Funded Independent PE, Fine Arts or Elective course and LAU approves the enrollment.
  2. Parents invite their chosen vendor to apply to become an approved vendor through LAU.
  3. Parents fill out this form to tell the LAU team which vendor(s) they have invited to apply, so we can let parents know whether/when the vendor is approved.
  4. Vendor applies for and receives approval through LAU.
  5. LAU pays approved vendors directly.

Process for vendors

  1. Complete the Vendor Application & Consent Form on this page.
  2. Complete a fingerprint background check at a site near you.
  3. Get listed on the LAU website so more families can find you (unless you request otherwise).

As vendors are approved, they will be listed here. Vendors that have applied but have not yet completed the fingerprint or background check process can be found here.

*For 2019-20, the funding limit for Funded Independent Courses is $300 per semester.