High School Curriculum

Rigorous, Inspiring High School Program

Through highly engaging live and self-paced classes, our high school program helps students become principled leaders who live meaningful lives.

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Our curriculum is provided by Williamsburg Learning. You can visit the Williamsburg Learning website to get all the info about each program and course we offer. Then, you’ll come back here to register for classes.

About Our High School Program

Our rigorous, inspiring high school program will prepare your student to thrive in the 21st century. Your student will experience a unique mix of leadership training and liberal arts studies that will help them think independently and live intentionally. Mentors will challenge your student to engage with original thinkers in each subject, including history’s best leaders, philosophers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, and artists. In the process, your student will unlock energy and creativity they never knew they had—and get an education to match their potential.

We’ve moved our curriculum pages to the Williamsburg Learning website. Find a complete list of our high school programs and courses here.