Middle School Curriculum

Engaging, Project-Based Middle School Program

Through highly engaging live and self-paced classes, our middle school program helps students prepare for high school and life beyond.

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Our curriculum is provided by Williamsburg Learning. You can visit the Williamsburg Learning website to get all the info about each program and course we offer. Then, you’ll come back here to register for classes.

About Our Middle School Program

Our engaging, project-based middle school program will help your student navigate the challenges of adolescence and prepare for success in high school and beyond. Through project-based learning, your student will discover the real-world relevance of each subject—and have fun along the way. Mentors will nurture your student’s curiosity and love of learning as they mature, make new connections, and gradually increase their workload. In the process, your student will gain self-confidence and expand both their mental and emotional intelligence.

We’ve moved our curriculum pages to the Williamsburg Learning website. Find a complete list of our middle school programs and courses here.