Middle School Course Paths

How to choose the right courses for your middle school student

Here’s a look at our recommended course paths by grade level:

6th Grade

  • Leadership 6
  • Humanities 6
  • Language Arts 6
  • 6th Grade Math
  • STEM 6/7
  • Typing and Tech or other elective if desired

7th Grade

  • Leadership 7
  • Humanities 7
  • Language Arts 7
  • 7th Grade Math
  • STEM 6/7
  • PE* (Independent Study or Outdoor Adventures)
  • Elective if desired

8th Grade

  • Leadership 8
  • Humanities 8
  • Language Arts 8
  • 8th Grade Math
  • STEM 8
  • College & Career Awareness
  • Elective or PE if desired

*Students in 8th grade will be auto-enrolled in College & Career Awareness.

Steps to Register for Classes

At LAU, parents get to choose the days/times of courses for which their children register. The course selection process is simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Consult the appropriate course path above and make a list of the courses your student needs to take in Fall and Winter semesters.
  2. Consult the live course schedules for middle school and high school and make a list of your preferred live class meeting times.
  3. Log into SIS by clicking THIS LINK.
  4. In SIS, under My Students > Registration, find the courses you need and complete the registration process. You can ignore the tuition prices unless you’re planning to self-pay for a course (e.g. those that LAU doesn’t pay for, like summer classes or a second Elevation session).

*These steps are for parents of students who have already applied and been accepted to LAU.

Middle School Course Selection Guidelines

  • Most live courses are offered at multiple days/times. See the live course schedule. Select the sections that work best for your student.
  •  STEM courses operate on a rotating two-year curriculum in which students complete the A/B courses one year and the C/D courses the next.
  • Humanities and STEM courses are available in Classic and Honors. Students in these courses meet together in the same live class sessions but Honors courses are roughly 30% more challenging. Students have 28 calendar days from the first day of the semester to move from one version to another.
  • Parents concerned that their child will be underwhelmed should enroll in an elective each semester. Parents concerned that their child will be overwhelmed should not enroll their child in any electives.
  • If your 6th or 7th grader is advanced in math or writing you may enroll them in a higher level math and/or writing course. If your 8th-grader is advanced, you may get permission from an academic counselor to enroll your child in a 9th-grade math and/or writing course. Middle school students who take high school math may receive high school math credit.
  • Most middle school courses are offered exclusively in the “live” format. Math 6, 7, and 8, and some Electives are available in the “self-paced” format.
  • Students may choose from live online, ILC, self-paced, and/or funded and non-funded courses. Please contact a school counselor if you have any questions.

General Core Requirements for Grades 7–8

Grade 7:

  • Grade 7 Language Arts (Writing 7)
  • Grade 7 Mathematics (Math 7)
  • Grade 7 Integrated Science (STEM 6/7)
  • United States History (Humanities 6/7)
  • Utah History (Humanities 6/7)

Grade 8:

  • Grade 8 Language Arts (Language Arts 8)
  • Grade 8 Mathematics (Math 8)
  • Grade 8 Integrated Science (STEM 8)
  • United States History (Humanities 8)
  • Utah History (Humanities 8)

At least one of the following in Grade 7 or 8:

  • Health Education (Leadership 6/7; Homeroom for 8th grade)
  • College & Career Awareness (tbd)
  • Digital Literacy (Typing & Tech)
  • The Arts (Independent Studies Fine Arts or Funded Fine Arts; Intro to Theater or MS Photography)
  • Physical Education (Outdoor Adventures, Independent Studies PE or Funded PE)


*Courses in parenthesis satisfy the state requirement

You can view specific middle school course descriptions on the Williamsburg Learning website.