Ordering Books via Amazon

Book ordering that is fast, easy, and paid for directly by LAU

LAU has partnered with Amazon to provide a streamlined book-ordering experience for families. With this partnership, parents can purchase most books and required materials from Amazon and have them billed directly to LAU without any upfront, out-of-pocket expenses.

Important: The Amazon book order process requires using an incognito window on a non-LAU computer. You will order books using your student’s LAU email and an Amazon Business account. This will allow LAU to pay for your student’s books upfront.

Account Set-Up and Amazon Book Ordering

Open an Incognito Browser Window & Go to Amazon.com

On a non-LAU computer, log into an incognito window. Go to Amazon.com and log in using your student’s firstname.lastname@lautah.org email. (Under your student’s name, it should say Account for Leadership Academy of Utah.)

*If this is your first time logging in, Amazon will go back and have you verify the @lautah.org account using the current password.

For help with student emails or forgotten passwords, please see the Helpful Information section below.


Order Books from the SIS Fall or Winter Book List

  • Open a new tab in your incognito window and log into SIS.
  • Select the student you will be purchasing books for.
  • Under “Active Courses,” select the appropriate book list (fall or winter).
  • To begin ordering items, click on the red link in the ISBN column for each required book and material. Clicking the red link will open the LAU Business Amazon account tab. Once in our Amazon account, select the needed item and add it to your cart.
  • Repeat this process until all items have been added to your cart. If you have multiple students at LAU who reside at the same address, please add their required books and materials to the same order.


Complete Amazon Checkout

To ensure your order is submitted properly, please review the following items for accuracy:

  • Ensure your order is labeled as the LAU Office group or Student Purchasing group.
  • In the “Purchasing for” field, tell us if the books are for the Fall or Winter semester, list the names of all students whom you are ordering for, and include a note if unique approval is needed for any of your items.
  • Add parent name, address, phone number, and any other required shipping information, including street and PO box if needed for Amazon USPS last mile delivery.
  • Make sure the payment method is set to “Pay by Invoice.”
  • Select Free Shipping, if available.
  • Submit the order for approval.

Book orders are reviewed and approved daily (M-F) during book ordering season. We will reach out to you with any questions or concerns.

Helpful Information

Every LAU student age 13+ has been given an LAU email address. These email addresses are used solely for laptop/Chromebook login and Amazon orders. This email address will be your student’s first and last name (as written on their birth certificate), separated by a period:

Example: firstname.lastname@lautah.org (this will be the student’s birth certificate name)

For students under the age of 13, the LAU email address will be assigned to the parent who enrolled them with the number 6 included:

Example: 6parentfirstname.parentlastname@lautah.org

When accessing the email account for the first time, you’ll need an LAU-supplied password. The password can be found in SIS with the books and materials information. 

After logging in to the email account for the first time, please create a new password.

If you have problems or the address does not yet exist contact books@lautah.org.

*Forgot your email password?

Request a “password reset” at books@lautah.org.


Occasionally a student may drop a class after receiving their books. LAU requires that these books are returned to Amazon within a week of the class being dropped if possible since return time is limited. If you are unable to return books to Amazon please return them to LAU at the Clearfield office. Contact us at books@lautah.org to make arrangements.

Please follow the instructions below.

Ordering Guidelines

  • LAU will only approve required items that are on the SIS student book list.
  • If any item linked in SIS is out of stock, order the same or similar item from another Amazon seller. LAU will approve the purchase if the item is on the student’s book list.
  • Orders for fall classes will be approved after July 17th, and orders for winter classes will be approved after Nov. 15th.