Parent Orientation

On-Demand Training to
Support You and Your Student

Get started with an introduction from our Executive Director, John Tripp:

On-Demand Training to Support You and Your Student

Get started with an introduction from our Executive Director, John Tripp:

Where to Find Information

Homeroom is your student’s “go-to” information center. They’ll see school announcements, find the link to Inspiration Hour, and more!

Visit our website for info on how to enroll, register for courses, prep for school, read the latest weekly parent updates, and more!

Parent and Student Handbook
The Parent and Student Handbook is a one-stop shop for finding our policies, waivers, forms, available student services, graduation info and more.

Tech & Environment

Setting Up a Helpful Study Space
Having a designated study space will help your student focus and get more out of their classes.

Tech Needs
As an online school, your student will need access to a reliable computer, a webcam, and microphone.

Zoom Etiquette
We ask all students to follow a few Zoom etiquette guidelines. This allows us to hold online classes where students can connect with peers authentically.

SIS Training

Student Performance Data
Through SIS, you can keep tabs on your student’s grades and pacing, and see when they last accessed Canvas.

Messaging in SIS
Log into SIS to send messages directly to your student’s mentors or another member of the Williamsburg team.

Registering for Classes
Once your student’s enrollment application is approved, you can register for fall and winter classes through SIS.

Ordering Books & Supplies
Parents are responsible for purchasing their student’s books and supplies, but we cover the cost of all required items.

Canvas Training

Overview of Course Structure
See how courses look inside Canvas, where to find classroom links, review our late policy, and more!

Reviewing Grades
In Canvas, you can view grades on assignments and use the “what-if” feature to see how certain scores will affect an overall course grade.

Submitting Assignments
All assignments will be submitted through Canvas, our Learning Management System.

Canvas Observer Account
Want to keep an eye on your student’s grades and assignments while still giving them autonomy? Create a Canvas observer account!

Additional Training

Attendance Policy
This video explains our attendance policy as deemed by the state of Utah. For planned absences, please submit a Absence Request.

State Assessments
Students are required to participate in state-mandated assessments during the school year.

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Have You Visited Our Info Center?

The Info Center is designed with current families in mind. Here, you’ll find our weekly parent update, links to our handbooks, academic calendar, and more. We recommend bookmarking it!