General Q&A

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Age & Residency Requirements

What grades and ages does Leadership Academy serve?

We currently serve grades 6 – 12.

Does Leadership Academy accept adults?

No. We do not provide adult programs.

Is Leadership Academy available to all students in Utah?

Leadership Academy is open to students anywhere in the state of Utah. Students outside the state cannot attend LAU. However, our sister program, Williamsburg Academy, is a private high school and middle school. Both schools serve students across the U.S. and provide an experience and education similar to Leadership Academy.

Accredidation - Applying - Enrollment Cap

Is Leadership Academy accredited?

Leadership Academy is accredited by AdvancED. All credit earned at Leadership Academy is recognized by all other schools accredited by AdvancED. Please see our accreditation certificate here.

Does LAU offer NCAA-approved courses?

No, LAU currently does not offer NCAA-approved courses; however, we hope our courses will be approved soon.

How do I apply for enrollment?

We have a simple online enrollment process. Go to the How to Apply page to learn the details.

Dual and Split Enrollment

Can my student be enrolled in LAU and still take classes from a homeschool or a private school?

Yes. At LAU, we want to provide maximum flexibility while still meeting our state requirements. Therefore, students are not required to take all of their classes from LAU. The state requires that students must take 75% of their classes from LAU, which typically means that students will take at least four classes from LAU and up to two classes at homeschool or a private school. LAU will need to approve the dual enrollment via a simple overview meeting with the director.

Can my student be enrolled in LAU and still take classes from another public school?

Yes. LAU will allow split enrollment, including extra-curricular activities. Sometimes there are fees involved up to $75, though we will work to minimize these fees as much as possible. The other public school’s administration can either allow it or disallow it, so parents will have to contact their local school or district for permission.

Important Dates - Summer - Part-time

When is the open enrollment period?

We accept students as long as there is space. You can be placed on a waiting list if we are at capacity, as sometimes students need to drop for one reason or another. Enrollment opened for Fall 2018 on Jan 22nd and runs until we are full.

Does Leadership Academy operate during summer?

No. We operate during fall and winter semesters only.

Can students enroll part time?

No. Leadership Academy is a full-time program.

Is there a cap on enrollment?

Yes. Apply for enrollment early for the best chance of securing a spot.

School Culture - Parents - Governing Board

What is the school culture like?

A successful school will be one in which all of those involved have a clear vision and are working together for the students’ success. The environment will feel more like a group of friends and colleagues helping each other in a common goal, not just individuals putting in time. It will be a team effort, from the board, administration, staff, families, and individual students. Students will be enthusiastic about class. They will trust their mentors and be willing to do the hard work. This is our culture.

How do I know if Leadership Academy is right for my child?

The best way is to meet with one of our enrollment team members so we can learn about your family’s needs and answer your questions. You can also read our Is LAU Right for Me page and the rest of this site to get a feel for our mission, methods, and curriculum.

Is Leadership Academy solely an online school?

Leadership Academy is an entirely online school. With a virtual charter, there is not usually a brick-and-mortar campus where students attend class. Students participate from their own homes or any location with an internet connection. LAU holds in-person events and activities at various locations.

What is required of parents?

Parents are required to meet with their student for 20 minutes each week and generally be involved and supportive of their students. Students do best when a parent or guardian is home to help them during the day.

What is the role of the Governing Board?

The Governing Board consists of all volunteers––parents, teachers, and professionals in other fields. This group has primary decision-making authority for the school. The role of the board is to ensure that Leadership Academy staff and service providers follow through with the mission, vision, and goals of the school.

Tuition - Supplies

Does Leadership Academy charge tuition?

No. As a public charter school, we do not charge tuition.

What about books, internet, computers and software for students?

The school provides a loaned laptop computer with the appropriate software that students will need to participate in our courses. Parents are responsible to provide high-speed internet. We also reimburse for books.